Last week, we surprised customers with a short list of upcoming innovative portable speakers for 2016. Not long after, we were also delightfully stunned by Klipsch’s announcement—they are set to release a line-up of high-powered portable speakers this coming year! Unfortunately our Portable Speakers Reviews team was not able to contain our excitement, so we set out to try one of the brand new audio devices at the top of their list—the Groove Portable Speaker.

Klipsch Groove Portable Speaker


As the first to be featured and released in Klipsch’s official website, the Groove Portable Speaker had some really huge expectations to live up to. Design-wise, this portable speaker may not instantly impress you but at 5” in width, 4” in height and 2” in depth, the Groove is a compact musical gadget you can easily take with you on all of your appointments. Its durability and IPX4 splash-resistant feature is tactfully developed to support the most adventurous lifestyles while its Bluetooth capability can remember up to 8 devices for easier pairing. In the box, the portable speaker also comes with a power supply and a micro USB charging cable. Don’t want to play your favorite music using Bluetooth? Don’t worry—the Groove speaker also 3.5 mm jack where you can connect other gadgets as you please.


That’s not the end of our wonderful discovery! Despite the Groove Portable Speaker’s compact size, it captivated our ears and hearts with a pure, crisp and dynamic resonance that does not distort even after the music is switched to higher volumes. From jazz music to hip-hop beats to head-banging rock n’ roll anthems, Groove kept us musically entertained without straining our eardrums or inconveniencing our neighbors. The mechanisms behind this portable speaker’s  world-class sound quality are the powerful 3” full range high excursion driver, along with two side-firing passive radiators and an advanced DSP equalization. Likewise, the Groove Portable Speaker has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that plays up to 8 hrs when fully charged.

Nowadays, conveniently multi-tasking functions for audio devices are easy to conceptualize but challenging to perfect. Klipsch on the other hand was able to deliver a customer-friendly and technologically remarkable portable speaker at a price of just $150. Truly, Groove Portable Speaker was a great starter for Klipsch’s upcoming collection of audio devices. Can’t get enough of the hottest Bluetooth speaker updates from Portable Speakers Reviews? Visit our website at!