Everyone has been waiting for Apple to announce their new models of the iPhone (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) many because of its new design and features. One that has been a grapevine or the one that has been very much rumoured was Apple’s plan of removing the tradition headphone jack in their new iPhones and instead choose to use some wireless earbuds.And now, they did. Apple finally pushed through with a wireless, smart earpods and they called it AirPods. Yes, the Apple AirPods are the wireless version of the standard, traditional white Apple earbuds. More impressively, these wireless earpods use the new proprietary W1 chip that Apple has developed.

The W1 chip is a custom hardware that uses ultralow power Bluetooth and keeps the two earbuds in sync. According to Apple, this hardware is made of dual optical sensors and accelerometers allowing the smart earpods to detect whether they are in your ears. This feature is amazing making the AirPods work only or play music only when you are ready to listen. The Apple Airpods are also touch sensitive and by double tapping it, you can access Siri and do voice commands to select and control your music, adjust volumes and check your battery life.


Apple AirPods


According to an Apple representative, the AirPods work with non-Apple devices via Bluetooth connectivity. Although it may be compatible with different devices using Bluetooth, the special features that the AirPods have cannot work with them unless you are using an Apple device running iOS 10, watchOS 3, or macOS Sierra.

We have got the chance to try the new Apple Airpods at the launch event and we would say that these wireless headphones do sound pretty good. The fit and the wear of the earbuds were comfortable in our ears as well. Considering the sound quality with the original EarPods, the new AirPods may be quite same with the delivery; wireless connectivity only makes it a different talk.

Aside from the confirmed rumour about the removed headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as well as the confirmed AirPods, the well-talked about now is the possibilities of easily losing the wireless earbuds while using it or not. Fortunately, Apple included a charging case to keep the AirPods as well as serve as its charging port. Also keeping the AirPods in the charging case is a guarantee as it is easy to store in your bag, purse, or pocket.

When it comes to battery life, the Apple AirPods work for four (4) to five (5) hours in a full charge. The charging case has a battery life of five hours and it provides an extra 24 hours of battery life, according to Apple.

The Apple AirPods is a big topic in the wireless headphone market at present. But as long as they have the best quality and features to satisfy every user, then these wireless, smart earpods may be a game-changer. With a $159 price and Apple’s way of creating a new type of headphone to everyone, then maybe a lot of people will consider using these default white wireless earbuds along the way.

Apple AirPods