When a person loves fashion and style, there’s nothing more fascinating than having something that accessorizes their looks. When these persons have the sense of loving fashion, style, and looks, they are commonly referred to many as “stylephiles”.

Stylephiles appreciate everything that absolutely looks fascinating and surely complements their appearance. Start from their clothing to their accessories, everything are just in place. So if you’re one who shares their interests, then you’re a 100% true blue stylephile!

What if you are a stylephile and at the same time an audiophile? We know your concern! You are looking for a portable speaker that definitely adds to your looks. There are many portable speakers offered in the market but only few companies consider the very stylish, fashionable designs. So if you are one stylephile who’s looking for a portable speaker with excellent performance while having the best look and feel, then we can help you with that.

Below are the best portable speakers for stylephiles like you. Check them out!

Vifa Copenhagen

Vifa, the company that offers internationally recognized award-winning Nordic Design, has one of the best portable speakers for stylephiles.

This is the Vifa Copenhagen 24 Bit Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Wi-Fi Loudspeaker. This portable speaker features a beautifully-designed construction that looks very sleek, elegant, modern, and stylish. Aside from the looks, the Vifa Copenhagen delivers impressive sound performance that fills your room with virtually beautiful atmosphere.

The Vifa Copenhagen is a portable speaker that you want to see, hear, and never let go. Learn more at Vifa website.

Why is it one of the best portable speakers for stylephiles?

Key features include:

  • Nordic Design – A distinct characteristic of Copenhagen that reflects from its fine materials and construction of textile and smooth, matte polished aluminum frame
  • Built with DSP signal processing, PurePathTM digital amplifiers, Vifa Neodymium magnet drivers, and force-balanced woofers for better sound performance
  • Works with Apple AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Aux, and Wired USB

PRICE: $799.00

Fugoo Style

Every stylephile would surely love the Fugoo Style! Just like its name, the Fugoo Style really is very stylish. It is also very visually stunning and appealing as well as very elegant because of its build material.

The Fugoo Style looks great especially when handheld anywhere. Aside from the stylish design, the Fugoo Style also has other amazing features that are really worth the buy. Check out our full review here.

Why is it one of the best portable speakers for stylephiles?

Key features include:

  • Quality build that does not only look very stylish but also has amazing build features – snow proof, sand proof, and waterproof (submersed to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes)
  • Amazing 360-degree sound from its six (6) drivers on four sides
  • World’s BEST BATTERY LIFE of up to 40 hours at 50% loudness

Price: $134.95

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2

The BeoPlay A2 by Bang & Olufsen is one of the best portable speakers for stylephiles. It packs amazing sound for a compact size. Like the Fugoo Style, this portable speaker can also be handheld, especially if you are out hanging out with your friends.

This one has a leather strap that makes it easy to be carried around all day. The BeoPlay A2 is truly a trendy portable speaker out there!

Learn more at Bang & Olufsen website.

Why is it one of the best portable speakers for stylephiles?

Key features include:

  • Delivers True360 sound with well-balanced sound profile for loud sound and rich bass
  • Designed with a removable leather strap to provide easier portability
  • Remembers up to 8 devices and can stream music using 2 devices at the same time
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge

Price: $399.00

Braven Lux

The Braven Lux is a portable speaker that offers elegant design for many audiophiles and stylephiles. Among other portable speakers made by Braven, like the Braven BRV-1, the Braven Lux is undeniably the most unique one.

For first impressions, this portable speaker can be compared to a glamorous purse but once tested and used over time, it surprisingly delivers tenacious and rugged features or quality.

Learn more at Braven feature.

Why is it one of the best portable speakers for stylephiles?

Key features include:

  • IPX5 certified weatherproof for ultimate build protection and durability
  • Built with TrueWireless left and right stereo pairing with 2nd Braven 7-series speaker
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Doubles as a 1400mAh power bank for other devices
  • Built-in microphone and noise-cancelling feature for speakerphone capability

Price: $92.70

Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

The Sound Freak Pocket Kick is also very stylish in its own way. It looks very sophisticated thanks to its color options, Black, Platinum, and Gold.

While at its size, the Sound Freak Pocket Kick has impressive sound quality that is really loud and detailed. Who wouldn’t want to partner it with their outfit of the day?

Learn more about this stylish portable speaker – Soundfreaq here.

Why is it one of the best portable speakers for stylephiles?

Key features include:

  • Award-winning sound quality
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of play time
  • Easy to set up pairing with one-touch pair button
  • Built-in microphone for speakerphone function

Price: $49.99

If you are a stylephile and an audiophile looking for a portable speaker that would definitely go with your everyday look, style, and fashion, then these portable speakers are the best for you!