BOSE SOUNDLINK MINI— A Bluetooth Speaker That Reeks Off High Quality Sound Considering Its Tiny Size
Bose SoundLink Mini is the latest ultra-compact wireless Bluetooth speaker that retails for roughly $200. Upon opening the box, you will notice that it’s got a charging cradle. This cradle is pretty simple, there’s a little connection that the SoundLink Mini Speaker sits on and a port on the end for the DC cord to plug in, you also have an AC adapter. It’s a very slim compact design and has a fairly long cord on it, it does have a pull away plug and this is a 100-240volts and about 50/60 hertz so this can be used universally as well. I received my Mini basically with a dead battery that’s uncharged, but they do recommend that you have to charge it initially which takes about 3 hours to charge fully. Bose claims 7 hours of battery life. The first thing I noticed is that the speaker has a sizable weight at 1.5 pounds. The Mini isn’t as little as some of the tiny Bluetooth speakers in the market. But its robust metal housing gives it considerably more substance with a very high quality look. My instant reaction was “WOW, this speaker is cool!” It has an aluminum grill enclosure that surrounds two small drivers in the front and rear with passive radiators, and a rubberized pat on the bottom so when it’s not in the charging cradle or docked, you can just place this on a flat surface. For best bass quality, they do suggest putting the speaker close to a vertical surface because there is a passive radiator at the back for the bass resonance.

On top of that, the Mini has a very simple and basic control which is designed to be used with clear labeled buttons like all Bluetooth speakers. There’s a power button when pushed, you’d get a light indicator for that. There’s a mute button and pairing device that will go to pairing mode if it is not paired to anything, and then you have your simple volume buttons.

Bose SoundLink mini
In terms of connectivity, there’s an auxiliary click button as well and an indicator goes on if the auxiliary is in use. It also has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input, there’s an auxiliary input on the side for non-Bluetooth devices as well as a micro USB port on the rear for possible firmware upgrades. The Mini will stream audio wirelessly from practically any smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled PC or audio player. The Mini speaker remembers up to six devices so you only need to sync once. I actually like the entire appearance and composition of the speaker, what I don’t like is that there’s no integrated speaker phone, which is too bad. How does it sound?

Well, it can’t provide the same performance of a bigger speaker for its petite size, it actually sounds very good. The thing that I observed about the Mini is that the placement of the speakers makes a big difference in sound quality. The speaker actually plays pretty loud and putting it closer to a flat vertical surface improves bass response and the speaker sounds fuller. Generally, the sound signature is somewhat relaxed, so it’s got a bit softer yet richer sound quality. The bass does not sound incredibly tight though.

My Verdict On Bose’s SoundLink Mini

Overall, Bose’s SoundLink Mini has a punchy sound that you don’t expect from such a tiny speaker. The Mini is the better choice over other tiny speakers in the market. It is water-resistant and great for pool use and better suited for outdoor use as well. If you are targeting for a tiny and very sleek wireless speaker with a very good quality sound that you can easily move from room to room, SoundLink Mini has a fantastic sound with high quality construction. It is a much underrated Bluetooth speaker for its tiny feature, but I will definitely recommend the Mini to all my friends. I’d give it a 9 out of 10!

BOSE SOUNDLINK COLOR— A Tiny Portable Speaker with High Sounding Impact That Will Get You Grooving

This is the SoundLink Color, Bose’s lightest and least expensive portable Bluetooth speaker. It comes in multiple colors and Bose’s new style seems to be targeting a younger crowd with a more sleek design on it. Looking at the speaker’s side, you will notice a rubber grip so you can have better grip when you’re holding it. It’s available in red, blue, black, white and mint green. It’s a compact speaker measuring 5.3 inches high, five inches wide and 2.1 inches thick. It’s got a little bit of weight to it, weighing 1.25 pounds. Bose says it’s designed to fit easily into a handbag and even on the palm of your hand, with a carrying case included. As far as features go, it has a basic set up even a child can operate with a pause and play button on top and volume controls. My only concern is that it has no speakerphone capabilities. The speaker remembers 8 devices you’ve paired with it and at the same time pair 2 devices at once, but it can only play 1 sound from a device at a time. It has approximately 8 hours of battery life, which is pretty much decent for a very tiny Bluetooth speaker.

How does it sound?

Bose SoundLink Color plays a lot louder than you think— its small size is deceiving but it has a fairly decent extent of bass. Sound-wise, it is not similar with the SoundLink Mini, but it does charge via USB which is very useful. Bose has done a good job about its sound considering its size, and placing it near a wall will enhance its bass performance. The music is a little bit controlled and rolled off at certain frequencies. It also has a little trouble with more complex music.

My Final Thoughts

Although there are 2 drivers on it and a bass, there is no stereo split-up. In my opinion, if you really want sound quality, you’d be better off with a more expensive sound like Mini. But if you value portability and a bit inexpensive portable speaker, the SoundLink Color is a GOOD CHOICE! I think the majority of people will be awestruck by what it can do, particularly in closed rooms. In general, I would recommend this to you both as a personal gadget or a gift. I’d definitely say yes to SoundLink Color. This is a very high quality speaker and I love the colors! I think Bose did a great job on this, giving you that loud and clear sound that you want. If you are in a tight budget but want a high quality sounding speaker, I’d highly suggest SoundLink Color. I think it is worth what you are paying!