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Bragi, a German startup, has made a lot of noise when they started setting up their wireless “smart” earphone called The Dash in Kickstarter. After shipping the so-called wireless “smart” earphone in January 2016 with a price of $300, The Dash may have stumbled a little bit but has eventually improved through the coming duration, thanks to Bragi’s aftersales support and subsequent software upgrades.

Now that this German startup has created a name in the market of wireless earpods/smart earpods, Bragi came back with another headphone, cleverly named as The Headphone. Same with their first earphone, it is also completely wireless. Along with two (2) wireless earbuds, The Headphone comes with a charging case. Compared to The Dash, the second wireless headphone is much more affordable with a list price of $149 but is going to be available for a preorder sale at a lesser price of $119 until November 1.

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The Headphone included charging case.

Check out The Headphone’s noteworthy features below:

  • Compatible with any devices supported with Bluetooth
  • Enjoy this wireless earbuds for over 6 hours of battery life (for a full charge)
  • Users can conveniently switch between different functions: listening to music, answer phone calls, activate Audio Transparency feature, as well as deliver voice commands; all functions without having to look at a device source.
  • It comes with three (3) different sizes of FitTip to allow you a much comfortable, more secure, and tight seal

Also know that Bragi has unique offers to everyone below:

  • The Headphone is available through the Bragi Shop for a preorder sale of $119 until November 1
  • Those who took part of Bragi’s Kickstarter for The Dash will have a special offer and will receive a coupon via email at $20 off
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