BRAVEN’s portable Bluetooth speakers continue to turn heads with sharp construction and smart, flexible designs that can complement a variety of lifestyles. Its outdoor speakers prove that world class durability can be achieved even in smaller, compact sizes; while its more stylish variants showcase effortless combination of fun and functionality.

One of the things that impressed me the most about BRAVEN is how they adequately respond to the consumers’ constant demand for something new and fresh.  Unlike other manufacturers of portable speakers, BRAVEN specifically offer a line-up of products for both adventurous and high end preferences. For this review, I ordered two products each from the outdoor and design category, and these are the BRAVEN BRV-Pro, BRAVEN BRV-HD, BRAVEN LUX and Mira.

Braving the Outdoors and the Standards of Ergonomic

Venturing into the open air


This outdoor Bluetooth speaker exhibits a rugged design and IPX7 rating perfect for adventure-seeking individuals. From the first time I tested its sound quality, I was blown away with full-bodied audio and excellent bass wonderfully synchronized together. Even after raising the volume at maximum level, the BRAVEN BRV-PRO maintained emitted ear-friendly, magnificent sound. But what really got me sold on this mini music monster are the special tricks up its sleeve. At the top part, it has a detachable stacking plate with five ports underneath that allow you to securely attach different accessories to improve your listening experience. You can connect another BRV-PRO speaker for twice the auditory impact, or enhance its battery life by attaching a solar panel on the ports. Not impressed yet? Check this out—the BRAVEN BRV-PRO can wirelessly charge G-pads for smart phones, and its action mount plate works well with your Go-Pro accessories. Finally, BRAVEN BRV-PRO’s extra rubber padding and protective latches keeps it in perfect shape even against strong outer impact.


Design-wise, BRAVEN BRV-HD is a lot larger than the BRAVEN BRV-PRO. However, this badass Bluetooth speaker is still extremely portable to carry around. Let me share you how BRAVEN BRV-HD fared after I brought it to my brother’s weekend barbecue party and my whitewater rafting adventure with my college friends.  My family and friends jammed to up to 20 hours of nonstop, rich audio quality. Since it is built with SRS WOW HD technology, our ears were exposed to a delightful deep bass and full sound production even as we played music out in the open. Proven to be a daring portable device all on its own, its aircraft-grade aluminum foil covering and IPX3 water resistant rating consistently matched our rowdy hike up the mountains and our thrilling journey along the strong river currents. On the other hand, battery life posed no issue during our outdoor trip since the BRAVEN BRV-HD has a battery check button to easily check its battery’s status, while enabling charging capabilities for our tablets and smartphones.

Turning heads with flawless, eye candy design

The MIRA is circular in shape, compact and very lightweight.  Upon seeing that it also has a multi-purpose hook attached to it, I immediately thought of taking this speaker to the shower to see if it would enhance my mini concerts every time I take a refreshing bath. After the first trial, I was really impressed with the superb sound quality that the MIRA produced. The environment was not an issue because the speaker’s beautiful audio technology worked well with the tiles and hard wall surfaces. Meanwhile, its frontal control buttons for volume adjustment, power switch and changing tracks helped me manipulate my musical preferences with ease, while its IPX5 water resistant feature retains top notch performance despite being splashed with water.

When not dangled over shower heads and poles, the MIRA can be left to stand on its own on flat surfaces using its multi-purpose hook. I used it as well to answer calls through its noise cancelling speaker phone and built-in microphone. The sound quality was okay, although there was some static produced in the background. Overall, it has easy Bluetooth pairing set-up for phones and laptops, wide-ranging audio for its small size, and different color combinations to choose from like white-blue-gray, white-pink-gray, white-gray, black-gray, and red-yellow-blue.


Looks like a glamorous purse, yet functions like a tenacious and rugged portable speaker—those were my first impressions with the BRAVEN LUX speaker. This strikingly beautiful portable speaker fits comfortably and snuggly in my palm. Available in stylish shades of refined gold, chic silver and psychedelic jewel, its body is covered with shock-absorbent housing, while its lightweight silicon pad on the bottom prevents it from slipping.

To add to my delightful discovery, BRAVEN LUX’s volume adjustment buttons double as fast forward and rewind controls when pressed and held longer. As for its performance, it portrayed approximately 12-15 hours of brilliant sound production and play time. Similar to the MIRA Bluetooth speaker, the BRAVEN LUX is engineered with level IPX5 water resistance, so I can take this lovely speaker with me in the shower or pair it with the other three BRAVEN speakers I possess. Last but not the least the BRAVEN LUX is a truly self-sufficient and cleverly designed gadget because of its built-in power bank that can charge 1A mobile gadgets, LED indicators for its battery status along with ports that lets it play music from non-Bluetooth devices.

When it comes to BRAVEN’s portable speakers, extreme durability and functionality beyond customer expectations are among their trademark qualities. Testing out four of their best products was truly a week of discoveries and musical amazement for me, and I highly recommend grabbing one of each as special gifts to your ultra-hip, music loving relatives and friends!