If you think that Halloween can be spiced up only through an abundance of costumes and parties left and right, then you have not yet feasted your eyes and ears to the Pieladium Bluetooth Speaker. Introduced to me by a friend, this triangular portable speaker is sure to be the center of attraction in any event with its visually appealing design and even more remarkable sound performance. It also has a line-up of designs that are perfect for Halloween!

Designed by OrigAudio, the Pieladium measures 4.8” x 4.4” x1”, weighs 0.4 lbs and utilizes UV technology on both sides for its colorful eye candy patterns. There were various funky prints available, like the Halloween Scene with a Jack-o-Lantern, the Flying Blue 3D Spooky Gothic Bat, and the Vintage Classic Halloween Black Cat Face. If you ask me, I prefer simpler designs, so I chose the black and white spider web print along with the one with multiple blue skulls.

Pieladium Bluetooth Speaker

Functionality-wise, Pieladium is compatible with various Bluetooth-enabled devices, and it was a breeze pairing it with my iPhone and Android device. Likewise, it has 33 feet Bluetooth range and rechargeable battery that lasts for up 10 hours, so there is a wider limitation to how long you can enjoy your music. When I played a couple of songs, it produced full stereo audio that beautifully resounded throughout the living room. Switching songs was also made easier through the play/pause and next buttons found on the side of the speaker.

Even more delightful, this cute and spooky Bluetooth audio device can also be used to answer phone calls through its built-in microphone. Personally, I can say that its speaker phone capability delivered just the right amount of sound quality. There was no static, and although the sound was not as perfectly crystal clear as I expected, the voices from both ends of the line were audible enough to make for a decent and hassle-free phone conversation.

Overall, if you plan on throwing a party with your family and friends, or if you are in search of a unique gift for your comrade who lives for the eerie and frightening atmosphere of Halloween, the Pieladium Bluetooth Speaker is the device that best suits your needs. I highly recommend this portable speaker, and I give it a rating of 4 stars!