Christmas season has arrived. Now, what can you give to the special people in your life?

Christmas is here! It is the season of good cheers, jingle belling, holiday greetings, mistletoeing, and most especially, gift giving!

So if you are here, planning and looking for something to give as a holiday present to someone special in your life, then we have prepared a holiday gift guide for you. If that person in your life is an audiophile or an audio electronics enthusiast, why don’t you give him a portable speaker that suits his attitude or personality?

We have here the list of best portable speakers for the different types of people in your life.

Best Portable Speakers For the Adventurer

SoundPal Free Spirit Series 12

They just love going outdoors. They are wanderlust! So to keep up with their lifestyle, portable speakers designed to be rugged and durable are the best for them. Here are some best portable speakers perfect for the people who love being outdoors.

PRICE: $29.99


Philips ShoqBox

The Philips ShoqBox SB7200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features a decent sound quality, rugged design with water resistance, speakerphone capability, and the Smart Sensor that lets you control its function by just a wave of your hands.

PRICE: $73.89



Best Portable Speakers For the Design Addict

They see everything to be made so creative. They love eye-catching, unique, over-the-top designs that they can’t get enough of it for the day. Give these beautifully-designed portable speakers to them.

JBL Pulse

The Philips ShoqBox SB7200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features a decent sound quality, rugged design with water resistance, speakerphone capability, and the Smart Sensor that lets you control its function by just a wave of your hands.

PRICE: $135.01


Bowers and Wilkins T7

The Bowers & Wilkins T7 (B&W T7) is a portable wireless speaker that has a commendable sound quality in addition to a nice compact design with a honeycomb look to it and rinds a hard-wearing mesh grill over the drivers as well as a rubber that goes around the entire speaker making it tougher, more durable and shockproof. The person you will give it to would absolutely love this.

PRICE: $349.98


Jawbone Mini Jambox

This portable wireless speaker has a compact, mini size but it also has an eye-candy design that surely catches everyone’s attention, especially your design freak friend. This is perfect for the design freak because the Jawbone Mini Jambox is made with a single piece of anodized aluminum that comes in multiple color options and five different patterns of drilled speaker grilles.

PRICE: $96.99



Best Portable Speakers For the Minimalist

Simplicity is beauty. It is the epitome of being plain yet sleek and elegant. That’s what minimalists believe in. If you have a friend, partner, or anyone you know who appreciates minimalism and just love plain, simple, yet elegant things, here is a portable speaker great for them.

Naim Audio Mu-So

When the person you know just can’t get enough of minimalistic things, then you should look for something that’s plain, simple, yet sleek and elegant. When it comes to portable speakers that have minimalistic design, we thought of the Naim Audio Mu-So. Although priced at $1500, this one will surely please the minimalist you will give it to. It is packed with nice design, power, and premium features as well.

PRICE: $1,499.00


UE Roll

What makes the UE Roll to be a great companion for bathroom singers is that it is completely waterproof with IPX7 rating. It has a bungee cord attached at the back rubber enclosure that serves many purposes (one of which can be used to hang the Roll anywhere like in a shower head). The UE Roll can also be used on swimming pools!

PRICE: $151.88 / $99.99


JBL Clip+

The JBL Clip+ has got the plus in its feature, which is Splashproof. This means that this portable speaker from JBL can now be used while on the rain, in a trailing adventure, near the pool, or even in the shower.

PRICE: $39.95



Best Portable Speakers For the Stylephile

They love fashion. They love style. To add more glamour or to accessorize their look, give them these stylish portable speakers this Christmas.

Fugoo Style

Every stylephile would surely love the Fugoo Style. Just like its name, the Fugoo Style really is very stylish. It’s great for it to be handheld anywhere because it just looks stunning and elegant. Aside from the stylish design, the Fugoo Style also has other amazing features that are really worth the buy.

PRICE: $134.95


Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2

you know someone who can’t get out of their house without something stylish to accessorize themselves, then you would want to give them the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 as a holiday present. This one has a leather strap that makes it easy to be carried around all day. It also has an amazing sound quality and trendy design.

PPRICE: $398.00


Braven Lux

When it comes to first impressions, we thought of the Braven Lux to look similar with a purse. It looks like a glamorous purse, yet it functions like a tenacious and rugged portable speaker that performs really well. It fits comfortably and snuggly in the palms and to add more about style, the Braven Lux is available in stylish shades of refined gold, chic silver, and psychedelic jewel.

PPRICE: $88.95


Soundfreaq Pocket Kick Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The Soundfreaq Pocket Kick is also very stylish in its own way. It looks very sophisticated thanks to its color options, Black, Platinum, and Gold. While at its size, the Sound Freak Pocket Kick has impressive sound quality that is really loud and detailed. Who wouldn’t want to partner it with their outfit of the day?
PRICE: $49.99



Best Portable Speakers For the Apple tech-savvy

They love Apple so much that they absolutely have all of the iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Mac. Since they love everything Apple, here are some portable speakers they can pair it with.

Beats Pill+

As you may know, Apple has just recently bought Beats last year. From this, Apple has set itself to redesign Beats’ line of Bluetooth speaker. One portable speaker produced by Beats under Apple’s management is the Beats Pill+. So you better give this as a gift to your friend who just loves everything about Apple. He or she may have long been wanting the Beats Pill+.

PRICE: $195.49


Bose SoundLink Mini II

What makes the Bose SoundLink Mini II a perfect companion with Apple devices like the iPhones, iPads, iPods, or Mac is that this portable speaker is designed with an aluminum case which makes it look like a product of Apple. The Apple tech-savvy friend of yours might mistake it as an Apple device is ever he will receive it as gift!

PRICE: $49.99



Best Portable Speakers For the Amazon Fan

Does the person you want to give a holiday present buys and spends a lot in Amazon? Give him these Amazon products then.

Amazon Echo

Have you heard of the Amazon Echo? This device is Amazon’s wireless speaker and voice-powered personal assistant thus creating a smarter function at home. If you know that person who is an Amazon fan or that person who frequently purchases products at that online store, the Amazon Echo is a very helpful wireless speaker for him or her. The Amazon Echo can help set the alarm, read Audible books, play music from Amazon Prime, speak infos about the calendar, and many more.

PRICE: $179.99


AmazonBasics Portable Speaker

Another device offered by Amazon is the AmazonBasics Portable Speaker. It is a portable speaker that has fairly decent sound quality and design. What’s better here is that this portable speaker is offered at a much affordable price at the same quality with some premium portable speakers out there.

PRICE: $39.99



Best Portable Speakers For the Sonos Lover

They probably got all of Sonos’ speakers from the PLAY:1, PLAY:3, Playbar, to the SUB. Since he can’t just get enough of Sonos, give him the new released Sonos PLAY:5. He will surely love it.

Sonos PLAY:5

They have the Sonos PLAY:1, the Sonos PLAY:3, the Playbar, or even the SUB. They have all of Sonos’ speakers in their home. Wouldn’t it be great if you complete their collection with the all-new Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Speaker?

PRICE: $499.00



Best Porable Speakers For the Life of the Party

When the one you know is known to be the life of the party, he deserves something for that. Give him a portable speaker that is also considered to be the life of the party.

Ion Audio iPA77 Tailgater

If the one you plan on giving a present this Christmas loves to party hard, then you should give him the Ion Audio iPA77 Tailgater. This portable speaker is designed for any parties like a pool party, house party, or even a tailgate party. The Ion Audio iPA77 Tailgater has a unique rugged design and power sound that makes it a life of the party, like the person you plan on giving this one.

PRICE: $119.00


JBL Xtreme

What make the JBL Extreme stand out from any other portable speakers out there is its powerful sound quality as well as its bass output. This makes the JBL Extreme a great tool in every party. It also has a splashproof design that is very useful if the party person who will be using this usually holds a pool party!

PRICE: $99.99



Best Portable Speakers For the Workaholic

Is the one you love a workaholic? Someone who just stays at work or at the office? Allow him to add music to his busy life by giving him a portable speaker as a holiday present. These portable speakers are perfect on table tops, bookshelves, or even on office desks.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

the best gift this Christmas. If that person just likes staying at his office and keeping busy all day, you better give him the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air. This one produces powerful, clean, and crisp sound and has an elegant design that just looks perfect on his office desk.

PRICE: $349.98



Best Portable Speakers For Everyone

If you still aren’t decided on our holiday gift guide, better yet consider these portable speakers for everyone!

Lifetrons DrumBass III BT Bluetooth Speaker

This Swiss-designed portable speaker is one that is great to give as a present this holiday season. Aside from looking sleek and having compact mini size, the Lifetrons DrumBass III BT Bluetooth Speaker packs a powerful sound and bass that is truly satisfying to the ears. In addition, this portable speaker also has a long battery life of up to 10 hours. The person receiving this would be really happy with this!.

PRICE: $104.94

UE Boom 2

If you can’t decide what to choose from different portable speakers, one we could suggest is Ultimate Ear’s Boom. This portable speaker has a lot of features to offer considering its $200 price. The UE Boom has amazing sound performance, cool design, and long battery life. It would be really worth the price.

PRICE: $179.99