When it comes to providing more cost-effective and handier gadgets, I always have high hopes that every new product from Ultimate Ears (UE) will surpass the standards of superb quality and customer satisfaction, as it continues to pioneer jaw dropping, too-good-to-be-true auditory wonders. But to be able to set the bar high in the industry of portable speakers, one must be ready to sacrifice a brilliant idea for a chance of gaining something even more phenomenal.

As a true-blue audiophile myself, I’ve bobbed my head to Ultimate Ear’s first line-up of outstanding portable speakers. In fact, the UE Mini Boom was a delightful treat for me because of how it managed to deliver impressive range of sound quality despite its compact size. But after the said product was redesigned to make way for the newly launched UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker, I decided to find out what the sudden change was all about.

The Pros

At first glance, you can tell that the UE Roll is effortlessly dominating its competitors with its distinct and ergonomic design. Unlike the usual cylindrical or cuboidal speakers you would expect from most wireless speakers in the market, UE Roll is a lightweight, disc-shaped audio device measuring 1.6 inches in height

UE Roll

and 3.6 inches in width. There is a bungee cord attached on the back side of the speaker, so if you like your baths, daily chores, and outdoor activities made more worthwhile with ambient music, you can simply hang it in your bathroom, on your bag, on poles or basically anywhere convenient. Its high resistance to water and stain allows the UE Roll to function well even after it becomes submerged into the water for up to 30 minutes or dropped into a pile of mud.

For the apps and features, UE Roll’s buttons covered with enmeshed fabric on the speakers are not just for adjusting the volume. When you press the buttons at the same time, the UE Voice prompts you regarding its current battery life. Isn’t that pretty neat? To top it off, this very lightweight speaker is built with 65 ft. wireless range, 360° surround sound technology and an internal battery that serves as your alarm even when your phone’s battery dies. Furthermore, UE Roll allows installation of smartphone apps for more customized sound equalizers as well as easier pairing with another UE Roll, UE Boom or UE Megaboom speaker.

Performance-wise, I can truly say that the UE Roll exceeded the overall magnificence of the UE Miniboom. I have never encountered a speaker as portable and as convenient for multitasking as the UE Roll. I brought it with me to the beach, to the picnic and even to my daily biking routine. When I want to liven up the atmosphere at home, I do not have to worry about multiple extension cords to place the speaker in an area where the audio is best distributed.

The Cons

On the downside, I still believe that the UE Boom tops UE Roll for the quality of sound produced. Although it exhibits louder sound range when it comes to the high notes, and both the mid and upper range for vocals is clear, I personally feel that there is not enough bass and dimension to cover multiple song genres. There is also no play or pause button on the speakers, and the alarm cannot be set-up on a particular day in advance because it is only available as a one-time or daily buzzer.

So will the UE Roll Portable Bluetooth Speaker really take you places?

I’d definitely say yes. For a selling price of $99, you get to experience flexibility and a musical adventure like no other. Ultimate Ears was brave enough to take on such a high risk experiment, and the success of their new wireless speaker leaves contenders across the globe make a run for their money. I highly recommend this product for people who are always on-the-go and those constantly searching for new and exciting innovations for their listening pleasure.

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