When you get to see a product labelled with “special editions” on it, we easily think that it is an enhanced or improved version of the first one – and this is the case of Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition.

Jabra, the giant audio tech company that introduced you the famous rugged portable Bluetooth speaker, Jabra Solemate, has something to offer again to the market. If you have known the Sports Pulse in-ear wireless sports headphones before, have liked its performance and quality or may have been disappointed because of a couple of its limitations, then you better check out its “special edition”.

The design may have not changed but its performance sure did. Essentially, the Sports Pulse Special Edition is a Bluetooth headset that looks the same with its original versions but Jabra claimed that they have made some few changes on the inside with added features like multiple ear tip options, improved durability, and the integration of heart rate monitor, termed Pulse, which enables the wireless sports headphones to get a pulse reading through your ear. Aside from that, this Jabra wireless headphone can also calculate your Vo2 Max level as well as measure your fitness level.


What makes the Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition a worthy wireless headphone for sports enthusiasts?

Aside from the integrated heart rate monitor, the Jabra wireless headphone is differentiated with the company’s fitness app, Jabra Sport Life. With the combination of the Sport Pulse Special Edition and the Sport Life app, an audiophile plus a sport enthusiast like you can now do timed runs, monitor your current heart rate and also the average heart rate over the course of your workout. After that, it will save your fitness history, update your pace and distance, do some additional tests, among others.

With the app, you can also use some music to motivate you while working out (through your device’s saved playlists or music services such as Spotify).


Key features

Check out the noteworthy features of this Jabra wireless headphone below:

  • Comfortable fit with new foam tips included
  • Lightweight at only 16 grams
  • Dust and water resistant at IP55 rating
  • Battery life of up to 5 hours of music/talk time and up to 10 days of standby time
  • Integrated with in-ear biometric heart rate monitoring
  • Designed with resting and orthostatic heart rate tests
  • Comes with the new automatic (continuous) VO2 Max fitness testing
  • Best for sports enthusiasts because of its smart in-ear audio coaching
  • New warranty of three years against sweat

When will it be shipped?

The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition is set to be shipped sometime in September 2016. It has the price tag of $160 which is a little less than the originals. Another product that we are watching out is Bragi’s The Headphone.