If you’re shopping for a wireless speaker that can work with your phone or tablet, Jawbone Mini Jambox is one of those things that you can look for. I’m going to be giving a review on the Jambox Mini, a wireless Bluetooth speaker that has its own battery pack inside, so you can carry the speaker anywhere without any of the wires attached. Although it is somewhat smaller than the previous version of Jambox, it actually retails more at $179. But after the review of the original Jawbone Jambox, the sound quality was perhaps the poorest speaker that I’ve reviewed so far. Hopefully with the Mini, the audio quality may well justify the price.

The Jambox Mini lives up to its name by providing a very compact form feature— it measures only six inches wide, over two and a quarter inches tall, and less than an inch thick. The Jambox Mini is also made completely out of aluminum with a rubber on each side and on its bottom for a better and more stable grip. When I tried applying a firm hold onto the front speaker’s aluminum grill, the speaker did not dent or exhibit any structural damage, so I think it has a very solid build all around. The buttons on the unit are of quality, rubber-like material. On top, you have a play and pause button, with volume buttons to the right. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the speaker you have your power button that glows red when charging, and white when in use. You can find your pairing button with a built in microphone for speaker phone functionality, and a micro USB port for charging the Jambox Mini on the bottom part. I would like to note though that I was really bummed out after learning that the speaker does not have a battery remaining indicator.

Although the speaker will play wirelessly via Bluetooth, the unit does provide a 3-1/2 millimeter port to actually connect your device to play audio. Nonetheless, with all these connections, the Jawbone Mini does provide all the wires to connect to all kinds of ports. So far with its physical features, I’m really loving the speaker’s portability. As for its battery, I’m happy to have a good rating for its battery life, as it can play up to 10 hours of audio. It does not provide a USB wall charger, and while it is not unfavorable since you can use your phone adaptor to charge, having an added separate cord would have still been really handy.

Specifics on the audio

Firstly, do not expect a warm sound or a pounding bass when you are listening to pop, techno, hip hop or rap; otherwise, you can settle with other small Bluetooth speakers out there. But hence my review on the Mini Jambox, the audio quality is way better than the original Jambox. As for the high notes, during my entire time testing the unit, I left the speakers to its maximum volume. To my surprise there wasn’t any distortion in the audio quality. Even when it played high pitched notes, the sound was not unpleasant or drowning to the ears. The speaker is really perfect for small or medium sized rooms, so you don’t really receive that fullness of sound when you’re in a large sized group. Nevertheless, your bedroom, home office, or your bathroom is ideal for this speaker for casual listening. Furthermore, the Jambox Mini had fair range of Bluetooth connectivity and decent enough for going through several walls or the first floor at times.

Other functionalities

Audio quality aside, one of the features that I like best about the Mini is its quality speaker phone performance. I’ve done some test calls and it executes as superbly as any other high end speaker phones. The person on the other end said that they can tell that I’m on a speakerphone and was able to pick up some of the background noises. The voice that I heard on my end was actually very clear. I find that very convenient especially when I need to take calls while multitasking or when having a group call with family and friends.

My final thoughts

Finally let me summarize the Jambox Mini’s pros and cons! If you are not a Hi-Fi enthusiast or if you simply intend on using this for casual and personal listening, the sound quality is actually good! The size of the Jambox is amazingly portable and it’s a real convenience carrying it around. It is actually cheaper than its other competitors, but if you do want more warmth, depth, and a little bit more bass consider, the Bose SoundLink Mini which retails at $499. The Jawbone Mini Jambox is just a bit low on volume when it comes to filling up a big room. The only thing that is missing is a USB wall charger and the Bluetooth speaker would be fully equipped to efficiently cater to the user’s needs. So overall, with its good battery life, good sound quality, portability and speaker phone option, the Jambox Mini is definitely a wonderful choice to shop for!