The emergence of Bluetooth has been so useful in our technological world today that it exhibits numerous uses in our daily lives, and speakers are one of them. Usually, with Bluetooth speakers, you have stylish or trendy looking speakers, good sounding speakers, or speakers that are resistant to weather, water, and harsh beatings. It is very rare that we could get all of the above in just one speaker, but based on my experience, Fugoo is exactly the kind of speaker that has all the durability and resilience that we want.

First Impressions: An overview of the specs and the overall branding

The creators of Fugoo truly exceeded in their attempt to accomplish all the aforementioned quality features in their product.  To start off, the casing that holds the Fugoo Style is a strong clear plastic so you can easily view the speakers. The speakers are also mounted and firmly attached to the platform that sits on by thumb screws. All accessories, such as A/C adaptor, USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable, and an accessory bag are all tucked underneath a box inside the plastic casing.

I’m rooting for this product because aside from its heavy duty performance, speaker enthusiasts will be delighted because the Fugoo Style is also amazingly portable— weighing just over a pound and measuring 7.4 inches by 2.9 inches by 2.3 inches in dimension. Because of its lightweight property, I can even mount it to my bike with ease!  The speakers also automatically came with spoken instructions on how to play it when I first turned it on, aside from having built-in LED power light for cues even though it has no visual indications. The range of Bluetooth hits the standard 30ft and during my testing there never was a time where I experienced acoustic drop outs or stammering as long as I stayed within range.

Power and performance like no other!

The Fugoo Style speaker utilizes a modular system wherein the central speaker is the same but the varied models are essentially sheaths worn by the core speaker. In my search for a stylish speaker with a sporty yet tough model, Fugoo Style is virtually a trendy and indestructible speaker that goes beyond what I am looking for. Some of the products I’ve tried claim to be fortified with revolutionary sturdiness but fail to meet customer expectations. While the robust model may indeed be tougher, every model of these speakers’ IPX 67 is weather resistant, meaning you can bring the speakers with you outdoors and not worry about any damage that may be caused by extreme climate and weather conditions. It is also sand proof and can be submerged in water for 30mins. That makes it tougher than any of the other speakers that I have tested in the past.Here’s another jaw-dropping fact about the innovative technology of Fugoo Style— it has a constructed noise reducing microphone and support for full duplex speaker phone. When making calls, the speaker will also ask you to use Siri and Google MAP. Additionally, incoming and outgoing calls made over the Fugoo Style speakers contain high, crystal clear quality and make for great conversations with your family, friends and officemates. As for the length of battery life, the speakers indeed last for up to 40hrs, as indicated in the product manual.


The Final Verdict

The Fugoo Style fires out a wide-ranging sound in all directions, and this is due to the range of sound it encompasses. It contains 6 speakers, 2 midrange drivers, 2 passive radiators, 2 tweeters, and it actually works resourcefully great! In addition to a collection of different genres of music, I also listen to podcasts or audiobooks, and it all sounds amazing. All of the frequencies can be heard harmonically without shaking the floor or bringing the house down. With a speaker this handy and small sized, you’re sure to get incredible and powerful bass tunes. A word of advice though, proper positioning of the speakers will definitely benefit your listening experience even more.Fugoo has indeed achieved what they had set out to do. What we have here is an efficient speaker that is light, handy, efficient and produces excellent quality of sounds. Plus it’s got some of the best battery life we’ve ever seen. At first I was skeptical for the price tag, but after testing it, I can say that this speaker is absolutely worth the splurge! All in all, I’m giving the Fugoo Style 9 of 10 for its classiness, overall sound performance and durability. Truly highly recommended!