beats pill stand

The Beats by Dr. Dre Pill has been one of the most talked about and most bought portable speakers in the market. The portable speaker has great sound quality and design that is why it deserves to be included on the top list.

So if you own one or plan to buy one, never miss getting its awesome and quirky accessory. Beats by Dr. Dre has designed a portable speaker accessory called Beats Pill Dude, not just to add something to it that makes it look good but also to add another functionality and use that will provide you ease. They call this the Beats Character or the Beats Dude.

The Beats Pill Dude stand comes in different characters, expressions, and colors. One is the red-colored Dude complementing the red Beats Pill.

The Beats Dude is a portable speaker accessory serving as a Beats Pill stand. It has been designed to have a huge elongated mouth where the Beats Pill can be fitted and placed. Do not worry getting the Beats Pill dropped from its mouth because the Beats Dude has a mouth designed to snuggly and securely hold the portable speaker.

With the Beats Dude, you can enjoy streaming your favorite tracks while doing anything else. Just place the Beats Pill in the Beats Pill Dude stand, play your music, then sit and relax or party with your friends. By the way, the Beats pill holder has a complete moveable arms and head, so you can play or change how it looks anytime you want.

The Beats Pill holder also has an open space behind its mouth. This will allow users to have direct access to its controls, audio, and the charging ports.

The portable speaker accessory and stand is designed with the matte finish adding the livelier and great look and feel to it. This makes the Beats Pill case completely look awesome and quirky. It doesn’t just end there. Because of the matte finish, the Beats Dude can be painted or drawn so you can customize or personalize it as to your desire.

The Beats Dude is indeed a cool portable speaker accessory for the Beats Pill. It currently sells at a price of $49.00 so if you want to have one, you can check out the link below.


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