fugoo mount pack

If you are an adventurer and an audiophile, then you must have probably known the Fugoo portable speakers. The Fugoo portable speakers, such as the Fugoo Sport, Fugoo Style, and Fugoo Tough, are rugged portable speakers designed especially for adventure seekers and audiophiles.

Aside from the portable speakers, Fugoo also offers portable speaker accessories. This accessory is the Fugoo Mount Pack.

The Fugoo Mount Pack is a bundle comprising of different mounts for the Fugoo portable speakers. It includes the Bike Mount, the Strap Mount, and the Multi-Mount, all in a value bundle.

If you ask whether these mounting accessories are compatible with all Fugoo portable speakers, then we will answer that as yes. The Fugoo Mount Pack is a portable speaker accessory made to be used with the entire Fugoo portable speakers, the Sport, Style, or the Tough.

The Fugoo Mount Pack looks plain and simple. By that, we do not mean it in a negative way. The mounting accessories for the Fugoo portable speakers are really useful and tough.

In terms of its designs, the Fugoo Mount Pack seems to be based from the Fugoo Sport’s aesthetic or looks. The mounts have the same colors with the portable speaker, which are the black and blue themes. But as what we have mentioned, the mounting accessories can be used with other Fugoo portable speakers, not just the Fugoo Sport.

In terms of installations, the Fugoo Mount Pack can be easily installed. In the Bike Mount, all you need to do is attach it at the bottom of the speaker where it has the part designed for the mounts and then attach it to the bicycle’s bar by opening and screwing its clamber. In the Strap Mount, just place the strap to the mount first and then attach it to the portable speaker.

Lastly for the Multi-Mount, all you need to do is to just attach it to the portable speaker then you’re good to go. That’s just how easy the Fugoo Mount Pack is installed. If you are done, then you are good to go and enjoy your favorite tracks.

Overall, the Fugoo Mount Pack is a great bundle of accessories for audiophiles and adventure seekers. If you want to have one, just click the link below.


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