One of the best portable speakers present in the market today is the Ultimate Ears Boom, or commonly known as the UE Boom. It has captured many audiophiles because of its amazing features, like its sound quality and most importantly its visually stunning design or look. Well, we absolutely love this portable speaker and we guess you do also.

So if you are looking for something that will add value to your UE Boom, if you are looking for UE Boom accessories for the portable speaker, then here is something we can offer.

One product or portable speaker accessory sold in the market for the UE Boom case or casing, which is the Molded Hardshell Case by Surf to Summit. We bought this to encase our UE Boom and so far, we can say that this portable speaker case is worth the buy.

As claimed by Surf to Summit, the maker of this product, the UE Boom carrying case Molded Hardshell  is the only available case for the UE Boom. Also, this portable speaker case indeed offers ultimate in-case functionality for the UE Boom.

In terms of the design, the Molded Hardshell Case for the UE Boom has a rugged look and feel. Since it is a case or casing for the UE Boom, it is obvious that this product is cylindrical. The body is cylindrical, and also made of plastic. In addition, the Molded Hardshell Case is designed as a plastic speaker grill that does not only protect and avoid dents for the portable speaker but also allows 100% acoustical transparency. So while the UE Boom is encased in the Molded Hardshell Case, you can stream your favorite tracks from the portable speaker without getting the audio quality blocked or distorted. With the casing, the UE Boom is secured because of the zipper cap opening. This case is also designed with molded button indicators and spaces to have direct access to the UE Boom’s volumes and ports.

To also allow portability, the Molded Hardshell Case has a handy strap that can be connected or removed from the d-ring so you can carry it around with you all day.

If you want to have a Molded Hardshell Case for the UE Boom, you can buy one at the link below.


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