Meet the Amazon Tap, one of the newer versions (one is Amazon Dot) of last year’s Amazon Echo Bluetooth speaker.

If you were somewhat a little bit disappointed with the previous Amazon Echo or has looked for features missing from the latter, then the new Amazon Tap is the answer to those. As one who experienced the Echo, I would say that improvements are needed to be done, which is for example the integration of the missing internal battery to enable portability and the sound quality that is pretty decent however lacking compared to other home Bluetooth speakers out there.

Amazon seemed to have listened to most audiophiles who have cried for improvements to their Echo, so here’s the Tap. This Bluetooth speaker sounds better, smarter, and no doubt, now portable.

Design and Features

The Amazon Tap looks a little bit similar with its predecessor. However, the Echo is slightly taller and has some difference in feel and build. The Tap on the other hand has some obvious design changes that you will first notice once unboxed.

In terms of dimension, the Amazon Tap measures at 6.24 by 2.6 inches and weighs at just over one pound compared to the Echo with a measurement of 9.25 inches tall and 3.27 inches wide.


If you are looking for variations in color to suit your personality or favour, then don’t expect too much from the portable smart speaker. The Tap is only available in black which is entirely coated in a mesh fabric. Inside the enclosure is where you will find the two 1.5-inch drivers, the dual passive radiators, as well as the battery capable of powering up the smart speaker for up to 9 hours in a single charge.

Found in the front of the Tap, in addition to the distinctive mark of the silver Amazon logo, is the Tap button (easily recognized with the microphone icon). The Echo does not have this feature. Aside from that, the Amazon Tap has five media controls on the top part as well as the Power button and the Bluetooth connection button on the lower back part. Another addition to the Amazon Tap are the ports for the 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack and the micro-USB (to charge the smart speaker).

You will surely appreciate how the Amazon Tap looks. It is well-designed with a hint of minimalism attached to it. The controls in the portable smart speaker do not make it look tacky and bulky at all, while the same still are very functional and convenient to use.

With all the features integrated in the Amazon Tap, there is one that stumbles which is the accessibility for Alexa, the personal assistant of the Amazon smart speakers. In order to access Alexa and get assistance for various queries or commands, you have to walk over to the smart speaker and push the front button, which is quite an inconvenient for many. Compared to having yourself been assisted by a personal assistant, some better alternatives can just be used like pulling out your smartphone from your pocket and asking Google Now or Apple’s Siri. In short, the Amazon Tap’s accessibility for Alexa is something to be improved for the future version of Amazon’s portable smart speakers.



What we like about the Amazon Tap is the fact that its performance is better than the Amazon Echo. For such a smaller portable smart speaker than its predecessor, the Tap has delivered extraordinary sound performance.

While streaming some tracks like pop, dance, and electronic with the Amazon Tap, we were really impressed with how it sounded. Thinking that its size is slightly smaller than other Bluetooth speakers out there, this one has delivered a pretty decent sound that is also clear, crisp, detailed, and powerful. In addition to that, the sound is powerful that even on a high volume level, the Tap did not falter with distortions.

In case you would ask, the Amazon Tap streams audio from two sources, the first from your mobile devices via Bluetooth and the second is via a Wi-Fi network, enabling you to stream music from online services such as Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Music. All services can be used by getting it from the Alexa companion app.


What’s our conclusion?

If you’re still thinking about what to choose from the three Amazon smart speakers (Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, or Amazon Tap), one you can consider is the Tap. For such size, the Amazon Tap offers impressive features that are developed and added to provide a much better version of the Echo. The Amazon Tap provides astounding audio experience, functionality, and well-planned design that is truly worth the buy for the price of $129.95.