Are you looking for a potable speaker that balances portability and exceptional sound quality? We might have just found one and we want to share our take on it to you. Introducing the AYL Portable Mini Speaker!The AYL Portable Mini Speaker is a great answer to an audiophiles search for portability and outstanding sound performance.

Just like the XBOOM Mini Portable Capsule Speaker, the AYL Portable Mini Speaker system is also something you can conveniently carry around with you all day. Plus, it really has powerful sound and bass output as well as long battery life.

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AYL Portable Mini Speaker System with rechargeable battery

AYL Portable Mini Speaker System – Performance

When we talk about portable mini speakers, many would say that it has lesser quality on sound because of its size. This belief does not apply with the AYL Mini Speaker. We surely are impressed with how the AYL Portable Mini Speaker delivers this kind of sound quality for its size.

We tested the AYL Mini Speaker with the tracks saved in our smartphone’s local music playlist. We found this portable mini speaker to have a very impressive sound quality considering its mini size. We really are surprised with how it produces sound and bass at all. Playing R. City and Adam Levine’s “Locked Away” and we really appreciate the quality coming out from this portable mini speaker. The sound produced by the AYL Portable Mini Speaker system with rechargeable battery is very clear and detailed. Playing music with it may also be at a higher volume level, having powerful and loud sound without any distortions. The vocals we heard from the music “Hello” by Adele is really distinct and detailed as well. The bass output was strong also. The bass coming from Calvin Harris’ “How Deep Is Your Love” was very observable and identifiable. Although there is bass output coming from the AYL Portable Mini Speaker system with rechargeable battery, you should know that the bass is still not as strong as the bass from a classic stereo speaker so do not confuse yourself with it.

The battery life of the AYL Portable Mini Speaker was also surprising. What would you expect from a portable mini speaker when it comes to battery life? Short period of time like 5 hours only, right? But for the AYL Portable Mini Speaker, it’s not. The AYL Portable Mini Speaker is packed with a built-in high capacity rechargeable Lithium battery that enables a continuous music playback of up to 10 hours. Yes, 10 hours, which is already a long battery life for a mini speaker.

AYL Portable Mini Speaker – Design

If you are in mini speakers, then there is no doubt that the AYL Portable Mini Speaker is for you. This portable mini speaker is designed to suit every audiophile’s need for portability. It is designed with a small body that can easily fit, not only in the palm of our hands but also anywhere just like in our bags and pockets. It is also lightweight at 3 ounces only.

Similar with a portable mini speaker we reviewed, which is the XBOOM Mini, the AYL Portable Mini Speaker also has a design where you can put it in its basic form (pressed and locked in a close position) and/or put it in play mode (where you just need to twist and open up its body). This portable mini speaker is only designed with minimal functions as well like the 3.5mm cable fastened to the bottom part, 3.5 mm audio socket for additional speaker/headset connections, volume controls, and power on/off.

The AYL Portable Mini Speaker is available in Black.


AYL Portable Mini Speaker – Connectivity

Unfortunately, you can only connect the AYL Portable Mini Speaker via 3.5mm cable. No Bluetooth and/or any wireless connectivity support for this one. For this portable mini speaker, what you can only do is “plug and play” it with your devices as long as it have a 3.5mm audio socket. This is okay for us but it would be even better if the AYL Portable Mini Speaker can connect via Bluetooth, you agree?


Impressive sound and bass quality for its mini size No wireless connectivity support
10 hour battery life which is long for a portable mini speaker
Very compact and portable
Don’t think any longer if you’re really looking a portable mini speaker to buy. The AYL Portable Mini Speaker is absolutely the answer for your search of the speaker that is very portable and has great sound quality. For a price of $15.40, this one is surely worth the buy.