Just this September, Apple has unveiled their new devices, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Alongside their new iPhone devices is the reveal of their Apple AirPods. The AirPods has got all the attention during the announcement but Apple has also showcased three (3) new wireless headphones from its Beats brand, the Solo3 Wireless, PowerBeats Wireless 3, and the BeatsX earphones.

Among the three, only the BeatsX is the new neckband-style headphone designed by Apple’s design and engineering teams. The BeatsX is designed with a Flex-Form cable that has two wires (made of nickel titanium alloy or nitinol) that run through it. This is a great component because it allows the neckband to have superior quality and durability.

This Beats earphone is very flexible that it can easily roll up and be kept in an included compact carrying case. Aside from that, it has a magnetized earbuds that can pin together when you’re not using them in order for you to just securely wear them on your neck. Aside from that, the earbuds come in different tip sizes so you can change them to perfectly fit your ears. The BeatsX earbuds house 8 mm drivers that produce a pretty decent sound quality. The sound performance is natural and clear with detailed and powerful bass, without any issue or distortions even when you stream music at a high level.

Similar to the wireless AirPods, the BeatsX is also integrated with Apple’s new custom low-power W1 Bluetooth chip that enables automatic pairing with Apple devices running the latest OS versions, including the iOS 10, MacOS Sierra, and WatchOS3. If you ask how you can pair the BeatsX with the Apple devices? Simply hold the Beats earphone near your iPhone then voila, you’re easily paired.

For non-Apple users, you can still have a BeatsX for you and still use it with your Bluetooth-enabled devices. To connect it, you just have to pair them the usual way of connecting a Bluetooth earphone, as simple as that.


For the battery life, this neckband-style headphone rates up to 8 hours, this is above the normal or average battery life for a wireless headphone. Also, the BeatsX can be charged via its Lightning port to charge it normally or give it a 5-minute quick charge that can give you an extra 2 hours of usage. The quick charge feature is called Fast Fuel, as termed by Beats.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and loves to listen to your workout music while running or doing some exercises in the gym, then the BeatsX wireless earphone comes with a set of wingtips in order to secure it on your ears. What’s more is that this earphones is designed to be sweat resistant, has an integrated microphone, as well as a redesigned RemoteTalk button.

If you’re planning to buy the wireless Apple AirPods, why won’t you try considering the BeatsX instead? The neckband-style headphone, BeatsX, is priced at $150 which costs slightly lesser than the Apple AirPods. When it comes to performance, the BeatsX surely delivers better sound quality and longer battery life than the wireless AirPods.
Overall, the BeatsX has better features than the wireless AirPods you consider. The BeatsX includes a durable, flexible, and lightweight component, magnetized earbuds that come with different ear tip sizes, decent sound and bass quality, the new Bluetooth chip technology specially designed by Apple for easier device pairing, long battery life rated at 8 hours and extra 2 hours via its Fast Fuel quick charge feature, as well as its sweat resistance made for fitness enthusiasts. So, watch out for the new BeatsX Earphones.