Are you a fan of Beats by Dr Dre Pill + ? Then, now is the perfect time for you to upgrade your outdated Beats Pill and Beats Pills 2.0 to their latest Dr Dre Beats Pills+ portable speaker. Here is a quick preview of Dr Dre Beats Pill + review :

Key features include:

  • Boasts 2x bass dri
  • Built with 2x treble drivers
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Offers 12-hour battery life

At the moment, Beats Dr Dre Pill+ is selling at: $199.98

dr dre beats pill + review

Preview: What is the Beats Dr Dre Pill+?

Dr Dre pill speaker
The DRE Beats Pill+ is a portable wireless speaker, and the latest bluetooth speaker by Dr. Dre Beats Pill. Though the physical look that resemble the pill shape is still obvious, just like it’s predecesors – the Beats Pill and Beats Pill 2.0, it’s totally different.

Beats by Dre Pill Plus is slightly larger and offers bigger bass drivers, so expect a bigger sound.

Beats by Dr Dre Pill+ – Performance

So, what will you expect from Beats by Dr Dre Pill+? At least, this is definitely better than Beats Pill and Beats Pill 2.0. While its predecessors used tiny drivers, Dr Dre speakers  offers two larger bass drivers.

By strategically positioning its tweeter drivers on its front side, it’s able to disperse wider sound output. This means that it can cover a small room.

With respect to tone, Dr Dre Speakers might not have much bass to offer, but I can say, it has a pretty loud output. It got an aggressive mid-range too that can be at par to any other portable speakers in this size class. However, you may want to avoid pushing the volume to more than 70%, though, as the mids have the tendency to get abrasive and harsh.

The Beats Dre Pill + deep bass low-frequency output is also questionable at any volume level. Dre Pill + struggles to provide low-frequency deep bass with respect to its size class and for some speakers with radiator. That is the advantage of having some passive radiators, the bass is not being limited by the drivers performance.

You just really need to find and set the volume at it’s sweetest level, and you’ll defitely enjoy yur favorite music for approximately 12 hours.

Dr Dre Beats Pill +


Beats by Dre Speakers Pill+ – Design

Aside from it’s predecessor – Beats Pill & Beats Pill 2.0; the Beats by Dre Speakers Pill+ really looks similar to the Audio S Plus by Ministry of Sound.

If you loved the pill shaped look, then you will definitely love this too. The design is smart and sleek. It looks more yourthful than the Bose SoundLink Mini.

It is quite hefty, weighing around 750 grams. It has a rubberized outer parts and this material makes it more substantial compared to plain plastic.

beats by dre pill

As I have already mentioned the price tag, this Beats by Dre speaker will never be cheap. Yes, it is a nice looking speaker but audiophiles will definitely offer a better performing speaker at this price.

Well, at least this little gem is catching up with the competion as it’s now water resistant. It has a rubberized flap at the back where you can find the Lightning charge port, a 3.5mm aux input as well as a full-sized USB port. Since it is splash-proof, this may give a bit of peace of mind.

Beats by Dr Dre Pill +

Did you noticed I menioned – Ligthning charging port? Welcome to Apple ecosystem. Beats speakers are now officially iPhone friendly.

You might be wondering what’s with the full-size USB port? Well this will allow you to recharge your smartphone. Using its own power, you will get a 1A charging output.

Dr Dre speakers Beats Pill+

Dr Dre Pill Speaker + – Connectivity

If you are new to this kind of portable speakers, Dr Dre Pill speaker + wireless bluetooth speaker was built with Bluetooth capability to connect with your smartphone, tablet, as well any other bluetooth compatible device. Just like the other bluetooth compatible speakers, Dr Dre Beats Speakers Pill+ can connect easily. Unlike its predecessor that featured aptX and NFC support, Pill+ does not.

Beats by Dre Speakers Pill +

This might be an extra, if you wanted an even bigger sound, you can pair two Dr Dre Beats Speakers Pill+ using the Pill app. With this, you can transform them either a stereo pair or to simply allow them to play same feed.

In addition, you can also play around with its ‘DJ the Playlist’ feature. This feature allows two people to be able to control the playlist from 2 bluetooth devces.

Dr. Dre Beats Pill+


I must say that Beats Pill+ is considerably one and among the loudest and well-designed speakers in its size class. If you are simply consdering an upgrade to your Beats Pill speaker, then grab this now. On the other hand, if you are looking for a decent highs and bass output, then you might want to consider Bose SoundLink Mini II or even the UE Boom 2.

I am more confident to say that Beats Pill+ smart splash-proof design is even more impressive than its oevrall sound output.


  Smart splashproof design   Bad highs
  Considerably loud sound output   Bass drops at low volumes
  Better than any Pill speaker yet   No apt-X, as well as NFC
  Quite expensive

Dr. Dre Beats Pill+ Review : Conclusion

If you are a real Beats fan, upgrading your old Beats Pill or Beats Pill 2.0 to Beats Pill+ is worth it. Pill+ is way better that its predecessors, however, it just cannot produce the much needed sound output to match the top portable speakers in its class.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a perfect and much better option, then you should check JBL Charge 2+.