In the most recent months, many portable speakers have emerged and introduced in the audio sector for the typical audiophiles.

Many of these have gained a lot of attention and one of them is the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill. Here is Beats Pill Review :

Beats Pill Review – Performance

You may have heard this product from people you know, like your friends, telling that a new speaker has come to town. You wonder, “How does this portable speaker perform? And what does it really sound like?”

From a brand offering well known headphones and earphones, Pill Beats speaker is the first portable speaker to be released. Although entering for the first time in the audio speaker category, Beats does not approve on being left behind with regards to the Pill’s Beats speaker functionality and performance.

The Pill speaker is indeed a decent portable speaker. It delivers good sound quality, playing relatively loud considering its size. While we streamed different music with it, we found the Pill speaker to produce such excellent and clear sounds especially on hip hop, pop, heavy rock, and acoustic genres. To produce good sound quality, this portable speaker houses no less than four 1in drivers.

With regards to its bass performance, the Beats Pill speaker met a par standard. Due to its small size, the bass produced by this portable speaker can be quite “okay” (in tiny speaker class) but if we compare this with other portable speakers in the market, like the Jawbone Jambox, the Beats Pill speaker, to be honest, have no match.

In addition, the Pill is design to be supported with the Apt-X technology, adding more feature to its list. The Apt-X technology intends to enhance the audio fidelity. As we tested the Beats Pill with Apt-X –enables device like the iPhone 4s, well it indeed played its part.

Yes the Beats portable speaker offers a crisp and clear audio that will boost your device’s built-in speaker however it does not have the range of other larger speakers thus it will not fill or power up your room, if that is what you want.

For the battery, the Beats portable speaker can stay up to 5 hours of play time, just perfect for its size. But again, if compared with others, the battery life absolutely falls short.

Beats Pill Speaker– Design

Beats by Dr. Dre Pill, as you can see, really looks like a pill, or simply a capsule. It is designed to have a long 190 mm cylindrical form with a 45 mm diameter and weighs in at just 10.9 ounce. It comes in three different colors: black, red, and white.

We found the Pill to be a uniquely-designed portable wireless speaker present in the market nowadays. What we really liked in this speakers is its “good looking and capsule-looking, cylindrical shape” and surprisingly, it is great to grip and place in a flat surface.

Indeed, the Beats Pill speaker is easy to place in any flat surface for the bottom of this portable speaker is rubberized. So never worry that this product will move around while you place them on a table with loud volumes or heavy bass.

So what composes other parts of the Beats Pill speaker? The Pill has a micro USB charge port and 3.5 mm auxiliary input and output jack. On its top are the volume buttons while at its rear are the power button and Bluetooth indicator. Another is the pinhole for the mic which doubles the portable speaker as a speakerphone, enabling it to be used in taking calls and yes, the call’s audio was very clear.

Beats Pill – Connectivity

Now, we are all familiar with the Pill’s performance and design, we should also know how this portable speaker performs its connectivity capabilities.

Indeed, as we tried the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill, we have come to decide that its connectivity capabilities have certain up and downs. As it is a portable Bluetooth speaker, the Beats audio Pill can be used with any devices enabled with Bluetooth connection (of course).

One thing that brings the Beats audio Pill at an advantage is its ability to easily connect with devices through NFC. This has amazed us for with it, we don’t need to manually connect our devices anymore. With the Pill’s NFC, connecting with it is just as easy as a “tap and pair”. (Note that this is only possible with devices supported with NFC) If your device does not have Bluetooth capabilities, don’t worry, for this portable speaker has audio input and audio output.

The Beats Pill speakers has got good things with regards to its connectivity capabilities, but we observed that it also has limitations. We found the Beats Pill speakers to occasionally cut out while using our devices. This means that while streaming our music with this portable speaker, it disconnects at various times, which gets really annoying.

To summarize, here’s the list of the Pros and Cons of the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill.


Striking design Frequent Bluetooth Disconnections
Easy tap-to-pair NFC Limited Battery Life
Good quality conference calls Weak Bass
Apt-X Technology Pricey
The Beats by Dr. Dre Pill is indeed another portable speaker that gets much attention from the market. We find this portable speaker to have a lot reasons to get it, but at the same time, has limitations to get us to thinking twice. The Pill has a striking design and reasonable sound quality (especially as a speakerphone), however it lacks the bass we expect and it frequently disconnects on certain devices during playback. For its price, basing from its features, we find the Beats Pill price is $199.99. Beats Pill price is bit higher, in our point of view, but if you are not that price conscious, then the Pill may be right for you.