Are you used with the ordinary, usual looking portable Bluetooth speakers? The market is flooded with the standard design of Bluetooth speakers but one tech company is surely thinking out of the box. Here comes Bang & Olufsen (B&O), a Danish company, creating some unique, sleek, and modern-looking audio devices like the B&O Play Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.


The Beoplay A1 is a new dome-shaped B&O portable speaker designed by the well-known Danish furniture designed Cecile Manz. It is the smallest wireless speaker made by B&O with sleek aluminum enclosure that is similar to that of the Bose SoundLink Mini II.

Inside this portable speaker are two (2) drivers, one is a ¾-inch tweeter and the other is a 3.5-inch mid cone woofer. For such a small size, the B&O Play Beoplay A1 has amazing features, including a surprising sound quality produced by the two drivers.

Another feature is its speakerphone capability. We were impressed with how a small wireless speaker can include this functionality as an added feature, unlike other premium small wireless speakers emerging in the market. What makes it cooler is that the speakerphone quality is a good one!

The Beoplay A1 has a strong battery, rating at up to 24 hours. This is quite a long battery life considering its size. This rating is made due to its 2200mAh internal rechargeable battery as well as an adaptive power management system. Also, you don’t have to charge this portable speaker with the standard micro-USB cable. You can now charge it via the new USB Type C cable.

Sound Performance

There are a few portable speakers in our list that delivers excellent sound quality, including the JBL Charge 2+, Bose SoundLink Mini II, and the UE Boom 2. On the other side, the B&O Play Beoplay A1 is an addition to that list due to its distinct, detailed, and clear sound than the latter three models mentioned.

What’s more outstanding with this B&O portable speaker is that its midrange sounds so crisp and natural. The instrumentals and the vocals in the tracks we played were very fine. No distortions were observed from this wireless speaker even if we levelled the volume higher.
For such a small audio speaker, the B&O Play Beoplay A1 sounds very decent. Even bass response from this portable speaker stands out having quite more of a punch than we expected. The sound performance and delivery from the Beoplay A1 is a nice thing to listen to even if it is being used in a medium-sized room.

Key Features

To know more about the B&O Play Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, check out the key features below:

  • Portable speaker measures at 133mm x 48mm and is lightweight at 1.3 pounds
  • Long battery life rating for up to 24 hours
  • Charges via the USB Type C cable
  • Integrated with speakerphone capabilities
  • Aluminum enclosure with colors available in moss green and silver
  • Can be connected or paired with another Beoplay A1 to amplify sound


The Bang & Olufsen Play Beoply A1 is a unique, sleek, and modern portable Bluetooth speaker that considering a small size is integrated with impressive features. For a price of $249, this portable wireless speaker has great big features for its size. Check out B&O Play Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker here now!