Finally, Bose has once again surprised and impressed us with its recent move. Entering the ultra-compact portable speakers category, this company introduced the Bose SoundLink Mini.Before that, if you don’t have any idea about Bose, here is a very quick overview. Bose is a privately owned corporation that specializes in the development of sound solutions for everyday use. In other words, Bose is known for its entertainment, aviation, automotive, and home audio systems and speakers.

All right. So Bose has been very loud in the market ever since. Add to this is their development and production of the very popular Bose SoundLink Portable Bluetooth Speakers. They never get to disappoint many audiophiles especially now that they created another top notch small-sized portable speaker, the Bose SoundLink Mini. Indeed, Bose has offered larger Bluetooth audio systems and speakers but the Bose SoundLink Mini may be intended to compete with their counterparts, one is the Jawbone Mini Jambox, in order to meet the consumers’ demands and expectations.

Bose SoundLink Mini – Performance

We will stick to what Bose has claimed to its portable speaker, “Big performance, small size.” We’re serious. The Bose SoundLink Mini is really designed to produce amazing sound quality for its size.

As tested, we can say that this portable Bluetooth speaker sounds good!We have tried Bose SoundLink Mini and streamed various music genres from our devices, be it from rock to acoustic. For its small size, the sound produced by this speaker is rich in quality, crisp, and clear.

The Bose SoundLink Mini has been built with custom transducers making it very much capable to handle the mids and highs. Also, new passive radiators are added by Bose to make the Bose SoundLink Mini better with delivering low notes.

To add more functionality with this portable speaker, Bose has enabled the SoundLink Mini with wireless charging. Yes! No more complicated charging and powering ups! The Bose SoundLink Mini can now charge wirelessly via an included charging cradle or charging pad. For the battery life, expect the Bose SoundLink Mini to last up to seven hours on a single full charge.

Bose SoundLink Mini – Design

Speaking of the Bose SoundLink Mini’s design, it is, of course, ultra-compact, very sleek and modern-looking.If not because of the portable speaker’s logo placed in its front part, you would actually mistake it as an Apple product.

The Bose SoundLink Mini, compared from its larger versions, is designed similarly in terms of the build and look. Bose designed the SoundLink Mini to be very much simple but at the same time useful, powerful, and portable. It really fits in the palm of our hands! It has a unibody aluminum case that encloses the very important parts of the portable speakers, the drivers and radiators.

This portable speaker is just seven inches wide and two inches long and thick. Also, it is lightweight, weighing just about 1.5 pounds. Indeed, these features are very much considerable that any other portable speakers.

If you are still not satisfied with how simplistic the Bose SoundLink Mini looks, well, they added an optional $25 protective sleeve for you to purchase. These sleeves are available in different colors to add more look and feel to your Bose SoundLink Mini, however, this will cost you extra.

Bose SoundLink Mini – Connectivity

Now for its connectivity, we can say that the Bose SoundLink Mini has both good and missing features.The Bose SoundLink Mini can stream audio wirelessly from any devices, smartphone or tablet, as long as they are enabled or supported with Bluetooth. Bose has also added a feature where it can remember up to six devices making pairing very easy and fast. Pairing and connection via Bluetooth is just easy as long as your device is within the range.

In case you want to stream your music from a non-Bluetooth device, don’t worry because the Bose SoundLink Mini has an auxiliary input. In addition, Bose added a Micro-USB port on the back part of the potable speaker intended for potential firmware updates.

We are impressed with the Bose SoundLink Mini’s connection capabilities, however, we felt disappointed with its missing feature. Just like the SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II, the Bose SoundLink Mini does not double as a speakerphone. For others, this may be okay, but for a person who looks for added feature, a speaker sporting as a speakerphone is a must, which this portable speaker is missing.


Sleek and Modern Design Missing Speakerphone Feature
Ultra-compact and Very Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Extra Cost for the Protective Sleeve
Sound Quality Fairly Expensive
Charging Dock
We have tried numerous portable Bluetooth speakers. Each one has unique features and each one makes us look and consider them at various standpoints. The Bose SoundLink Mini is one of them. As we have tested this, it really performs well for its size. The Bose SoundLink Mini has features that meets and exceeds some of our expectations. Although it has flaws, such as the missing speakerphone feature and the somewhat expensive price of $200 and extra costs, this portable Bluetooth speaker is still considerable for its sleek and modern design as well as its excellent sound quality.