Bowers & Wilkins T7 Review is here! The Bowers & Wilkins T7 (B&W T7) is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has a built-in battery, and unlike other portable speakers, it comes with an AC adapter. Possessing premium build and design, this speaker roughly costs about $350 and is guaranteed to produce really good sound quality.Now let us take a look at some of the good features of the B&W T7 Bluetooth speaker.  It is fairly heavy as it weighs about 4 pounds, but it is still pretty much portable for outdoor use. It comes with a light AC adapter that helps a lot when your battery runs low. In addition, the B&W T7 has a nice compact design with a honeycomb look to it and rinds a hard-wearing mesh grill over the drivers as well as a rubber that goes around the entire speaker making it tougher, more durable and shock-proof.

Bowers & Wilkins T7 Review (B&W T7)
Basically it is a pretty simple unit and does not have many controls for a user-friendly operation. On one side, you will find the power button and the battery indicators. At the top part, it has a Bluetooth indicator, a play button, and soft touch volume adjuster buttons for easier increasing and decreasing of the intensity of sound produced. Located in front of the speaker, are three different speakers that consist of two separate drivers and a bass radiator in the middle. It has a see-through nature with the matrix casing for that fresh look that sets it apart from other new Bluetooth speakers around. Now at the back of the speaker you have a power port, a fifty millimeter auxiliary port for line in, service port, micro USB, and a reboot button.


Regarding audio quality, it sounds fantastic – the highs and the middle sound frequencies pop out well. The bass is balanced and not heavy while the lows are hands-down very good. So if you are looking for a clear and crisp sound, you will love the B&W T7. If you are an avid fan of listening to acoustics, clear vocals, and instrumentals that will stand out, I highly recommend this as it does a really good job when it comes to clarity.


It is wonderful to note that the B&W T7 has an 18-hour battery life before you need to charge this efficient portable speaker. It all depends on the use and an 18 hour performance is pretty much solid for a compact Bluetooth speaker. Even more impressive, it only takes two hours to charge, and you’ve got some battery indicators on the side that stops blinking when it’s completely done charging.

Now to turn the device on, just hold down the power button and it will give you a little time to pair the speaker with whatever devices like iPhone, Android or any Bluetooth-enabled device you put up.


The B&W T7 is probably one the best and newest Bluetooth speakers in the market, especially for a $350 price range. It may be a little bit pricey but it has a commendable sound quality, and it is very portable. Its battery life lasts about probably a week or so, using it maybe an hour or two a day before going back to plugging it in. I can say that it has a very dependable battery life for a small portable speaker. Another thing is that you don’t have to put covers on it for some sort of protection because of its robust features. Overall, the speaker is very well manufactured and it is solidly built that is why I like it! I would highly recommend you to check out this sleek and highly dependable portable Bluetooth speaker.