Portable Bluetooth speakers are one of the nicest things to bring anywhere, be it on a simple picnic at a park or on a camping trip. It is great to enjoy music even if you are outdoors. But not all portable Bluetooth speakers are suited to be brought outdoors, especially to environments of different elements. While there are numerous speakers suited only for the indoors, there is the Braven BRV-1, a portable speaker, built for the outdoors and extreme environment.

The Braven BRV-1 is a rugged portable Bluetooth speaker designed to be essentially useful anywhere – from a pool, camping ground, snow, beach, dessert, to mountain slopes. As what many have said, the Braven BRV-1 is the “Swiss Army Knife” of portable speakers.

At the price of $149.99, you can now own one of these. Yes, at a price lesser than those from its closest competitors. Indeed the Braven BRV-1 is affordable but the question is, is it really worth it?

Braven BRV-1 – Performance

So how does Braven BRV-1 perform? The answer is quite a good news!
The Braven BRV-1, as we think, is a portable speaker built to deliver a well-balanced sound quality for its size. Considering the portable speaker’s build and form, Braven BRV-1 produces comparatively good and loud sound without being distorted. In short, The Braven BRV-1 performs satisfyingly well.

This portable speaker is built with dual 40mm drivers, digital amplifier, and a large 70mm passive subwoofer. No doubt the Braven BRV-1 projected a surprisingly strong sound around the room. Also, the Braven BRV-1 has managed to balance its low, mid, and high range while testing it with different music. To give you further details, we tested this portable speaker with different music, from the softest acoustic to hip hop and heavy rock, and Braven BRV-1 survived all of this.

However, the bass was not given justice by Braven BRV-1. At the highest and fullest volume, this portable speaker brings out distortions and intense vibrations which are very irritating for us. Although, understand that most portable Bluetooth speakers with this size does not really perfect the performance of bass.

Considering its ultra-lightweight and compact design, Braven BRV-1 delivers a solid audio experience which is really great to bring in your adventures and travels.

For the battery life, Braven BRV-1 can last up to 12 hours of playback. If used over a wired connection, it can reach the maximum life but if used with a Bluetooth connection, the battery stays up to 7 hours. In addition, Braven BRV-1 has the ability to act as a charger which is very much useful. Surprisingly, it does not only stream music from your device, but it also has a 1400mAh battery that charges your iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, and other kinds of devices.

Braven BRV-1 – Design

The design of the Braven BRV-1 is absolutely and positively great. Its build is made of molded rubber (for the body) and aluminum (for the grill). It is also designed with seams that are tightly built, durable volume controls, power button, and pause/play button, and a screw cap (at the back part) to protect and cover the ports. The Braven BRV-1 feels solid although its size is only 115mm x 60mm x 85mm and weighs at 338g.

Braven BRV-1 is a perfect device to bring into different adventures, like rock climbing, water rafting, skating, or even enjoying at the beach, which is also a great use for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. This portable speaker is really designed to withstand any environmental elements that harm its use. Braven BRV-1 is IPX5 certified water resistant and shock absorbent portable speaker that is indeed set to be enjoyed in any environment, as against water, impact, extreme temperatures, and other elements.

Braven BRV-1 – Connectivity

The Braven BRV-1 can connect wirelessly from any devices, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth connection. Streaming is possible for a range of up to 30 feet away. For non-Bluetooth devices, it is still possible to use this portable speaker via an auxiliary port.

Testing the Braven BRV-1’s connection capability, we also discovered a tiny flaw. The device we used had problems pairing with the portable speaker for the second time. With this, we had to manually pair the device again which is quite of a hassle. Over all, we are still impressed with the Braven BRV-1 connectivity.

Aside from the excellent performance and average connectivity capabilities, the Braven BRV-1 has an extra feature. It also doubles as a speakerphone for calls.


Ultra-compact, Ultra-lightweight, and Durable (Shock proof and IPX5 certified water resistant) design Bass Quality
Sound Quality Does not connect automatically after first pairing
Battery Life and Charging Capability
Affordable Price
The Braven BRV-1 has many great things and features to offer. From its ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight, shockproof and water resistant design, excellent audio delivery, long battery life and charging capability, to its affordable price of $149.99, this portable speaker is really defining. Indeed, we can also claim that it is the “Swiss Army Knife” of portable speakers.

So if you are looking for a portable speaker perfect for any sports and outdoor adventures, Braven BRV-1 is one worthy to consider.