Devialet Gold Phantom

Devialet, the French audio company known for their unique wireless speaker Phantom has introduced a better, improved version of what they claim as the “world’s best wireless speaker in the world.” This is the Devialet Gold Phantom.

In consideration of the price attached to the Devialet Gold Phantom, the wireless speaker is surely a stand out among others with it being offered at $3000. This may be a high priced wireless speaker but it is also a high-end one which is compared to well-known premium models like the Naim Audio Mu-So as well as the Raumfeld Stereo L.

Compared to the previous version which is the Silver Phantom, the Gold model is $600 more but take note that a lot of noteworthy changes were made. Improvements in the Gold Phantom wireless speaker includes the provision of a smoother mids and treble responses leading to better audio production and performance, extension of frequency response, in addition to the change in tweeter component from aluminum to a more durable titanium build which will allow for a better treble quality.

Devialet Gold Phantom

As mentioned, one improvement, the frequency response, gets an extension from 14Hz to 27kHz (which is beyond the quality for both human hearing and the frequency for a CD production). Additionally, the company has also improved the digital signal processing (DSP) of the wireless speaker. In terms of the power, the company has also boosted it from the ludicrous 3,000 watts (that comes in the previous models) to an amazing 4,500 watts.

Since the Phantom model is a “gold” product, you have to expect that the said wireless speaker comes with the precious metal finish. The side parts of the Devialet Gold Phantom, called the “gills” are covered with 22-carat rose gold and this is one design that makes it truly high-end.

Devialet Gold Phantom

Since the Devialet Gold Phantom is a wireless speaker on its own, it can connect in different wireless options of which can be considered both as a Wi-Fi speaker or a Bluetooth speaker. If you prefer streaming it inside your home, you can choose the option of making it as a Wi-Fi speaker which you can control via its dedicated app (for Android, iOS, and Mac), known as the Phantom Shark app. With the app, you can stream music through the Wi-Fi speaker using different streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and Qobuz.

However, if you don’t feel connecting the wireless speaker via Wi-Fi, you can use the Devialet Gold Phantom as a Bluetooth speaker. You can pair your devices and play your music with the Bluetooth speaker and still the sound would be pretty decent. If you want to boost the audio from the Wi-Fi speaker or Bluetooth speaker, you can connect two (2) Gold Phantoms together and create a more powerful sound (if you’re willing to spend about $6000 for both models).

For the performance, we compared the Gold Phantom with the previous models like the Silver Phantom. Testing it with few sounds, we would say that the new version is absolutely an improved Phantom wireless speaker. The old version lacked vibrancy with the sound quality while the Gold Phantom has achieved to sound open and dynamic. The new model has managed to deliver a powerful treble and bass thus filling the room with loud sound with excellent clarity and balance.


The Devialet Gold Phantom is now available in the market. It is neither a typical Wi-Fi speaker nor a Bluetooth speaker but is considered as a very high-end/premium wireless speaker that is uniquely beautiful in terms of design and is undeniably amazing in terms of performance. As impressive as it is to desire one, you have to spend a higher price for the model, but if you don’t worry on spending $3000 for one then you’re making a smart decision for yourself. So, check out Devialet Gold Phantom now.