There are plenty of portable speakers out there with great features, including those with unique designs, functionality, water resistance, as well as out-of-the-ordinary battery life or power. There are portable speakers that also serve as a power bank for handy devices such as your smartphones and music players. But have you even asked yourself once: are there any other portable speakers in the market with greater power performance that can even power up or jump start the most unconventional devices? Like your car?

Well there is. This is the Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker. Surprised? Well, our team was surprised too knowing that a portable speaker can now do this. This portable Bluetooth speaker is made for catching you on stressing scenarios like your car having worn-out batteries or headlight overuse and getting caught up with your phone’s drained battery. Aside from giving your car a jumpstart, this Dreamwave speaker also has a built-in LED flashlight that can light up the night.

Design and Features

The Dreamwave Survivor is sized like a boombox enclosed in rugged and sturdy black plastic with green accent. It weighs at 7.6 pounds (quite a lifting but surely consider its great features for you).

After getting this Bluetooth speaker out of its box, you will first notice its oversized controls and ports. On the front end of this portable speaker, four (4) large rubber buttons are positioned for different functions: the power, volume up and down, and the Bluetooth option. On its other end, the Survivor has the same rubber shapes, not as but as a cover for different ports, including the DC port (to save the Dreamwave Survivor), a USB port (to enable charging of your devices like your smartphones), an audio input, and the unique part which is the port for the jump starter clamps made to connect when powering up your car.


While charging the Survivor, you will notice the hidden LED light indicators on top of the portable speaker which will let you know about its charging status.

If you think the buttons only serve to individually function as the power, volume up and down, and connect to Bluetooth, then there’s a catch. Upon reading more about this Bluetooth speaker in the manual, we discovered that the power button can also switch its bright LED flashlight (located on the center of the buttons) if you long press it. Aside from that, the Bluetooth button can also play/pause the music if you press it while streaming from your device.

Going to its power performance, the Dreamwave Survivor Speaker is built with 12,000 mAh battery that can fully charge your Android smartphone device up to four times and your iPhones for up to six times. The jump starter capability of the Dreamwave survivor is very impressive. It kicks out 400 amps from the portable speaker’s port which is enough to power up your car.

Sound Performance

We were really impressed with Dreamwave Survivors design and features. But know this, we were more moved and impressed with its sound quality. Getting this portable speaker work its magic in streaming music is to either connect your device wirelessly via Bluetooth or in a wired mode via its audio input.

You will get a lot more of great performance with its audio performance. This Dreamwave speaker packs four (4) 30-watt amp speakers which give you the ability to stream powerful, high fidelity sound. It delivers a well-balanced sound with its highs and lows being perfect across ranges and with its midrange to be very decent giving the vocals excellent details and clarity.


The Dreamwave Survivor Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank is a unique piece of technology that serves many use. It packs features that are very useful in its purpose, including the ability to wirelessly stream music in great sound quality (via Bluetooth), charge your smartphone devices, provide a very bright light from its built-in LED flashlight, and most importantly, jump start your car!

This Dreamwave speaker works well to all audiophiles and persons who are very interested with rugged, sturdy looking devices on their hand, and to those who always face worn-out batteries and headlight overuse.

The Dreamwave Survivor Speaker and Power Bank is offered at $280. This may be somewhat expensive on your part but the price is surely justified with its amazing and useful features.