The Erata Apollo 7

Do you consider buying the new Apple AirPods for yourself? If so, before going to the Apple store, why don’t you check out this wireless earpods first – called erato apollo 7.

Erato, a tech startup from Taiwan, is introducing their Apollo 7 wireless earpods and claiming it as the “world’s most compact true wireless headphones” in the audio tech market today. Similar to the Apple AirPods, the Erato Apollo 7 is designed with wireless left and right standalone earbuds. What makes this wireless earpods even more impressive is that it is surely smaller in size than the AirPods and even more lightweight.

When it comes to wireless audio technology, we should always consider the sound quality as well as the connectivity. This is what makes the Erato Apollo 7 a cool new wireless earpods because it can work with Bluetooth connectivity with very minimal dropouts and disruptions. What’s even better is that this smart earpods can recognize devices, so once you connect a device again with this one, the earpods will automatically connect.

Design and Features

As mentioned, the Erato Apollo 7 is designed with separate left and right standalone earbuds that is small and lightweight. It looks minimalistic thus not too fancy as well. It includes a set of silicone and foam ear tips so you can customize the fit of each earbuds to your ears. Also, it is very comfortable to use especially if you plan on using it all day during a trip or even while jogging.


Speaking of jogging, the Apollo 7 is also perfect for sports enthusiasts out there who love listening to their music while running, jogging, or working out at the gym. These are sweat resistant and include a couple of wing accessories to help lock the wireless earbuds while in use.

Since the Apollo 7 is wireless, accessibility of controls is quite an issue there. Thankfully, Erato integrated them with a single multifunction buttons on each ear to easily control the tracks you play (skip tracks forward), answer and end calls instantly without having to view your phone, as well as lowering the volume. To enhance the hands-free phone calls, the Apollo 7 wireless earbuds have microphones on both buds but when you are in a call, these wireless earbuds will go into mono mode, with only a single bud outputting the sound. This is a weird feature making conversations while in a call a slight hassle.


While other features integrated in the Erato Apollo 7 are impressive, we have been disappointed with its battery life. If one feature you are considering in a wireless headphones is its battery life, then maybe you could consider other alternatives like the Apple AirPods or the Jabra Elite Sports Earbuds. The battery life is rated at 3 hours only which is a standard for this type of wireless headphones. But in order for you to extend its use, a charging case is included so when you’re done using these smart earbuds, you can click them into their compartments, close the case, and charge them.


The Erato Apollo 7 wireless earbuds’ sound performance is impressive. They sound very good considering that music is streaming via Bluetooth connection. The sound is very detailed and clear with no hiccups at all. While playing Sam Smith’s track, “Latch”, we can hear every sound to be very dynamic and even if the volume is on a higher level, no distortions were even produced.

For a wireless in-ear headphone, the Apollo 7 has a very impressive bass response. If you are going for a run or planning to work out in the gym, you will absolutely enjoy each bass and beats produced by this wireless earbuds. Streaming tracks with powerful bass will make you move all the way.

Key Features

Here is the complete list of features of the Erato Apollo 7 wireless earbuds.

  • Completely wireless connectivity and audio streaming
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Full support for aptX, SBC, and AAC audio standards
  • Lightweight at only 4g
  • Integrated with a multifunction single button for power on/off, answering/ending calls, play/skip music, change volume level, and access Google Now/Siri
  • Integrated with omnidirectional microphone for both earbuds
  • Made with mano-coating for protection against sweat and other liquid
  • Comes with an aluminum charging case
  • Works with both voice activations, Google Now and Siri


The Erato Apollo 7 is surely a noteworthy wireless earbuds to consider aside from the new Apple AirPods. It has impressive features and performance considering its Bluetooth connectivity. However as impressive the features are, be aware of its battery life of up to 3 hours only. The Erato Apollo 7 is sold at $299.