The portable speaker industry is a very vast place for many audiophiles to make choices about what they like in satisfying their hunger for excellent audio quality. Portable Bluetooth speakers make up a huge number in the portable speaker industry. As you want a Bluetooth speaker to have numerous features, all-in-one, many companies try to provide them and meet your standards.Wanting a portable Bluetooth speaker that has excellent audio performance, beautiful and weatherproof design, long battery life, and over-the-top connectivity features may be too good-to-be-true.Then here comes the Fugoo Style, a portable Bluetooth speaker that seems to be the most ideal and best portable speaker to be available in the market today.

How come? It is because the Fugoo Style has the excellent audio performance, beautiful, stylish, and weatherproof design, long battery life, and impressive connectivity features.

As we tested this, we were shocked that all of the ideas of a perfect portable speaker will be achieved by the Fugoo Bluetooth speakers. Without any exaggerations, this portable speaker is really the best out there.If you are looking for a portable speaker that has an excellent sound, stylish and rugged design, and other great features, the Fugoo Style is the best choice.

At the price of $199, you can now own one of these rugged and stylish portable Bluetooth speakers. It may be somewhat pricey but still it will be worth more than what you’ve spent because of its amazing features.
So in this Fugoo Style Review, we tested and observed its performance, design, and connectivity.

Fugoo Style Review– Performance

Best sound quality – is what makers of portable fugoo speakers want to achieve. The makers of the Fugoo Style indeed achieved this. Although it is really a challenge to incorporate it in small portable speakers, the Fugoo Style claims to have attained it by focusing on delivering sound at 360 degrees.

The Fugoo Bluetooth speakers are compact and rugged but it doesn’t sacrifice the sound performance and quality. It is capable of delivering impressively loud, crisp, and detailed sound even if it is used outdoors.

We tried the Fugoo Style with our devices and played numerous tracks to test its audio performance. First, we played soft acoustic tracks with this portable fugoo speaker and the sound was fine. It was very clear and crisp. Then we tested it with pop tracks and the quality was still impressive, producing a sound which has no distortions. The finally, we tested it with the loudest rock track and as observed, it doesn’t get to have any flaws. The sound was still loud, clear, and no distortions. Indeed, the Fugoo Style doesn’t get to disappoint us.

This portable fugoo speaker encloses two midrange drivers, two tweeters, and two passive radiators which help the Fugoo Style achieve the best sound quality it have.

We mentioned a while back that the Fugoo Style still delivers impressive sound even outdoors. That is what Fugoo claims about their portable speaker, it can be used in anywhere you go without getting worried of it to have lesser performance. If it can play excellent sound outdoors, what’s more if it is used indoors? The Fugoo Style’s sound can fill the room so you can use it while having a party with your friends or having a simple sound trip while you’re alone.

It must be noted that Fugoo Style’s bass performance is not that of a difference with other portable Bluetooth speakers in the market. This means that its bass delivery is at par. It delivers, but not that much compared to a usual subwoofer. But do remember that it is a portable speaker, so for its size, bass quality is usually at average. For others, this may not be a problem but if you are an audiophile with higher standards, then this will be Fugoo Style’s minus point.

When we heard of the Fugoo Style’s 40 hour battery life, we thought that this may just be a stunt. But after testing it, we can prove that the very long battery life of 40 hours of the Fugoo Style is true. Yes, you read it right. The battery life is one feature that makes the Fugoo Style stand out in the market. In a single full charge and mid-volume levels, you can enjoy your tracks with the Fugoo Style at about 40 hours!

Fugoo Style – Design

Fugoo is known to have produced portable speakers that are rugged and bulky. This is evident to its past products, one is the Fugoo Tough.

If you are into portable Bluetooth speakers which are rugged, tough, and very functional but in a very stylish way, then you better have the Fugoo Style. Fugoo Style is a compact, stylishly-designed, and portable speaker that you can bring anywhere you want to go.

Its slim body measures 7.4 inches by 2.9 inches by 2.3 inches in size. With all the features packed into it, the Fugoo Style is lightweight at on 1.1 pounds. Although Fugoo’s speakers remains the core the same, they offer different “jackets” for it, and one is the Style.

We observed that Fugoo Style has that minimalistic feel with it. The look of this portable speaker is very simple and doesn’t have a lot of other things going around it. Example is its parts. On the top part, the Fugoo Style only has the buttons for adjusting the volume levels and the button for answering and ending calls. On one side of it are the power button and the Bluetooth button while on its other side are the ports for the microUSB and the 3.5mm auxiliary input.

The minimalistic design or look that Fugoo Style have is indeed pleasing for us but it brought a problem when it comes to cues. Because it has limited visual cues like having a small light as power or Bluetooth indicator, it becomes a problem for others.

But one thing to resolve this shortcoming is the Fugoo Style’s voice cues. In order to assist users on connection status and battery-life level, this portable speaker features voice cues or voice guidance, which is quite useful but annoying sometimes.

Another interesting feature that the Fugoo Style has is its durability. This refers to its claim that the Fugoo Style is IPX67 weatherproof or weather resistant. What does it mean? This means that this portable Bluetooth speaker is snow-proof, sand-proof, moist resistant, dustproof and waterproof. In addition, Fugoo claims that the Fugoo Style can be submerged under one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. So this portable speaker is indeed very tough!

Fugoo Style – Connectivity

For the connectivity capabilities, the Fugoo Style performs well.

We have encountered many portable Bluetooth speakers assisting us with voice cues each and every time we get to setup or connect our device to the speakers. The Fugoo Style is one that offers that kind of feature.

As we are about to connect our device, a voice assists us on setting up and provides us instructions on how to pair. At least, considering its lack of visual cues, connecting our device to this portable speaker is not a hassle.

For the connection, we can connect our device using two options: either the Bluetooth connection or the wired connection. If you have a device which supports Bluetooth, then there’s no problem in connecting it. If you have a non-Bluetooth device, you can use the 3.5mm auxiliary input instead.

Another shortcoming that the Fugoo Style has is its absence of NFC capability. So again, NFC “tap-to-pair” feature is not available in this portable Bluetooth speaker. Though, this is not a huge deal especially that not all devices today have that feature also.

When it comes to range, the Fugoo Style features the standard 30 feet range. We tested it and we never had any problems such as distortions or connection cuts, as long as we stayed within that range.

Lastly, this portable speaker doubles as a speakerphone, so making or answering calls is easier by using the Fugoo Style. The quality of it is also impressive because the Fugoo Style has a built-in microphone that sports noise reduction feature. Also, with this feature, you can use voice commands with your iPhone’s Siri or your Android’s Google Now without having any problems. So in here, the audio delivery of Fugoo Style is not the only one which is good but also its outgoing call quality in its speakerphone capability.


Minimalist and Rugged Design Bass Performance
Weatherproofing Quite Pricey
Sound Quality
40-hour Battery Life
Speakerphone Capability
Based from our tests and observations, we would say that the Fugoo Style is the best portable Bluetooth speaker in the market so far. It does not only have a very stylish and rugged design, but it also packs numerous amazing features, such as excellent sound quality, connectivity capabilities, speakerphone function, weatherproofing, and the 40-hour battery life, that really makes it stand out in the market. At $199 you can now own a Fugoo Style and indeed owning one is worth the money you’ve spent.