If you’re someone who loves watching films with loud music, then a sound bar is perfect for you.

Sound bar that can excellently play movie sound and music is a smart way of making audio experience better. Like the well-known, high-end Sonos Playbar, numerous impressive sound bars have been offered in the market now. This makes the competition a bit more challenging, not only for the manufacturers but also to consumers who are looking for sound bars they can use in their homes.
House of Marley

To stand out among the pile of sound bars, one manufacturer made one that does not only act as a sound bar, but is also built from ground up for music. This is the House of Marley One Foundation. Its functionality is designed to cater to music streaming via wireless connectivity, including the standard Bluetooth and Qualcomm’s AllPlay. This House of Marley speaker also features a separate functionality for connecting your TV and other media or devices for your binge-watching.

House of Marley


For its size, the one foundation speaker is large compared to other box speakers and sound bars, measuring 8.75 inches tall and 31 inches wide. It is made of a thick slab of varnished oak that holds a pair of 3.5-inch drivers with 1-inch dome tweeters. If the design of your house has a wooden, nature-like vibe, then this sound bar is perfect to be placed below your TV. And sadly, the House of Marley One Foundation lacks a wall-mounting capability so you can only position it on a table or flat surface.
This sound bar comes with a remote control with buttons for volume and other input selection.


The House of Marley One Foundation speaker is integrated with Qualcomm’s chipset. This is answer to Sonos’ TruePlay that allow easy wireless streaming of media. The version of House of Marley, which is the AllPlay supports few streaming services, including Spotify and Napster, but still enables you to play songs from your device and network.

Other features of the one foundation speaker include USB connectivity, 3.5mm input, RCA inputs and outputs, and an optical input. What lacks with it is an Ethernet port, thus can only connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only.

House of Marley

Sound Quality

For its performance, we tested the sound bar by using it while watching a movie as well as by streaming a set of music with it. As observed, we have known that it can produce an impressive sound, with minimal strain while producing high volume sounds.


The House of Marley One Foundation is a unique sound bar that has something to sell to many audiophiles out there too. It does not only function as a sound bar to stream the sound of your movies but also as a speaker to stream your music. Priced at $1099, this may be offered at high price but it is still a recommended buy for its functionality, design, and sound quality.

House of Marley