Looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth headphone? Look no further because iFrogz (a division of Zagg mobile accessories manufacturer) has one for you. They introduced the Summit Wireless which is an in-ear Bluetooth headphone that sells at a price of $35. With its affordable price, surely the iFrogz Summit Wireless would be a perfect inclusion in your gift list for the coming 2016 holiday season.

Considering its price, we would say that this Bluetooth headphone has that stand out among others. The sound quality is pretty decent at its kind and its design features are absolutely impressive, particularly with its earbuds that fits comfortably and securely in our ears and with its “signature design”: an inline remote integrated with a magnetic clasp to give you added use.

Design and Features

The iFrogz Summit Wireless is an in-ear Bluetooth headphone with a good-looking design. It may not be premium looking but it has a design that is cool to show and carry around all day.


For its price, we were impressed with how iFrogz has integrated some cool features, including a noise-isolating function that serves as tight seal and reduces ambient noise from outside environment as well as the inclusion of different sets of silicon eartips and wings that help in locking the earbuds on your ears especially if you are using it for running and other sports activities.

Yes you have read the one above just right. The Summit Wireless is also a Bluetooth sports headphone which means that it is perfectly used for different sports activities. To add value with to the purpose, this Bluetooth headphone is sweat resistant, rated with an IPX2 certification.


Addition to the features mentioned above is what iFrogz claims to be the Summit Wireless’ signature design. This is the inline remote, termed by iFrogz as the “wireless hub”, which happens to have a magnetic clasp to serve different purposes such as to allow you to clip the Bluetooth sports headphone while in use and to allow you to wrap the headphone cord around the inline remote in place.


For the battery life, the iFrogz Summit Wireless can perform for up to 10 hours on moderate volume levels.

As for the sound performance, this in-ear Bluetooth headphone is reasonably a good performer in its range. The sound produced by the Summit Wireless is clear, very detailed, and bass is agreeably strong. For such an inexpensive headphone, this one has very considerable sound performance.

What’s our conclusion?

Overall, what can we say about the iFrogz Summit Wireless? Well if you are the one looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth headphone for your daily audio experience or for your running and other sports activities, or simply looking for something to give as a present for your audiophile friend this 2016 holiday, then the iFrogz Summit Wireless is a good option. For $35, you are getting a pretty impressive design, cool extra features, and a pretty decent performance, which are a good value for such a Bluetooth headphone in the market today. So check out iFrogz Summit Wireless now.