If you think, BIG portable speakers produce the BEST sound quality, well then it’s time for you to think twice and reconsider.

Jawbone, the consumer technology and wearable products company, has once again surprised us with something to enjoy. If you are not yet familiar with this brand, Jawbone is responsible in developing and selling portable audio devices, which includes the Jambox and Big Jambox Wireless Speakers. Jawbone has changed the game in portable speaker category since its introduction of the great portable speakers to the market.

Okay, this review will be changing your viewpoint of considering big portable speakers as the suitable and best choice to satisfy your need for excellent audio quality. To be honest, this has also changed ours.

Jawbone Mini Jambox, another smaller version of the Jawbone Jambox, breaks the belief of “bigger speaker for bigger sound quality” and the expectation of “smaller sound from a smaller speaker”.

Jawbone Mini Jambox – Performance

Great news we like to share: Jawbone Mini Jambox wireless portable speaker sounds great! For a small size (half the size of the original), this portable speaker absolutely delivers.

Despite having a smaller size compared from the first versions, the Mini Jambox offers the audio quality that is comparable to other excellent mid-sized wireless portable speakers being sold in the market. We tested this device and observed it to have crisp, clear, and loud sound but if you’re wondering for its bass quality, we suggest you to not expect a lot.

We tried the Mini Jambox with a wide variation of music, from the loudest rock to the softest acoustic, and this portable speaker does not disappoint, even if you think of playing the music up to the highest volumes. Yes, the sound is very solid for its size.
How did the Jawbone Mini Jambox produce the clean sound? Aside from the quality, this portable speaker has adjusted its EQ settings which help in reducing distortion. This speaker can fill your room with music but we remind you again to not expect a lot from it.

As for the battery life, Mini Jambox extends up to 10 hours, on a single, full charge. Its battery is an integrated lithium ion, thus helping music streaming much more enjoyable. Though take note that the battery life still depends on how you manage the device. As what we have tested, playing the music louder makes the battery faster to drain, so the battery life can be 7 to eight 8 hours.

Jawbone Mini Jambox – Design

As what we mentioned, the Jawbone Mini Jambox portable speaker is a smaller (half the size) version of the original Jawbone Jambox. So like the larger version, Mini Jambox is made with a single piece of anodized aluminum. This enclosure makes the portable speaker look better and more elegant.

The Mini Jambox comes in multiple color options. It is available in nine different colors, all of which are bright and vibrant. In addition, this portable speaker has five different patterns of drilled grills on the face of the Mini Jambox.

The feel of the Mini Jambox is excellently solid. But don’t get to conclusion that this portable speaker is quite heavy. This speaker is indeed lightweight. For the parts, the top has the iconic volumes and play/pause buttons while the side has the power and pairing buttons, along with the USB charging port and the 3.5mm line in jack.

For us, the Jawbone Mini Jambox looks modern!


Jawbone Mini Jambox – Connectivity

The performance and the design are not just enough so we have tested the portable speaker’s connectivity capabilities.

Like the Jawbone Jambox, Mini Jawbone Jambox supports Bluetooth connectivity. Streaming music from your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth is fast and smooth. We found the connection impressive because it had no problems streaming our music even if we’re 30 feet away.

The Mini Jambox’s connectivity while it doubles as a speakerphone is good. We found no frequent problems with its connections. This made our conversations really exciting and memorable.

To summarize, here’s Mini Jambox’s Pros and Cons:


Solid and Modern Design Bass Performance
Impressive Sound Quality Fairly Expensive
Battery Life

We have tried a lot of portable speakers, from big-sized to small-sized, and it has made us higher our standards when it comes to audio quality. Our standards built our belief to use bigger portable speakers in order to hear greater audio quality.

Since, Jawbone Mini Jambox, our belief has changed. This portable speaker made us believe of the existence of “bigger sound from a smaller speaker”. For us, Mini Jambox is the best-sounding tiny wireless portable speaker in the market, although it is pricey at $180.