Jaybird has been popular for their wireless headphones and in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones which received positive feedback from many audiophiles. However when Jaybird released its X2 sports headphone in 2015, the company has drawn some negative response from unimpressed users. In order to catch up, Jaybird finally releases a new wireless headphone with a totally new design and this is the Jaybird Freedom.
Indeed, earlier models were also named “Freedom” but even if the new wireless headphone includes the same, the 2016 Jaybird Freedom surely showcases a whole different look and features.


Available in the market today, the Jaybird Freedom is offered at a list price of $200.

Design and Features


One of the most noticeable changes in the new wireless headphone is the stepdown design of the ear buds. The size of the ear buds is now trimmed down which makes it more secure and fit in the ears. We tested the Jaybird Freedom and observed it to comfortably provide a tighter seal in our ears. As an in-ear Bluetooth sports headphone, the Jaybird Freedom is easy in our ears and has a comfortable feel thus providing an isolated, clean and dynamic sound while in use.

We would say that the whole in-ear headphone looks absolutely sleek. Both parts of the buds as well as the inline remote is made of metal which makes it look premium unlike other wireless headphone which is made of plastic. To add options for you, Jaybird has made it available in five vibrant colors.

The Jaybird Freedom is better with your fitness and sports activities because of its fit but aside from that the in-ear Bluetooth sports headphone is designed to be sweatproof.

In terms of battery performance, the wireless headphone can perform for up to 8 hours which is good for a kind of sports headphone. The whole 8 hours is divided in two power options: 4 hours of battery life from the buds and an additional 4 hours coming from the included charging clip.



In testing the Jaybird Freedom, my colleague and I decided to use while having our morning run in the city. We were impressed with the in-ear Bluetooth sports headphone as it has delivered an excellent sound quality.

Considering that it streams music via Bluetooth connection, we haven’t experienced any dropouts or distortions in the sound. In addition to that, the wireless headphone sounded pretty natural, crisp, and detailed. The dynamic audio coming from the Jaybird Freedom truly added an enjoyable and motivating experience which is a benefit especially for many audiophiles who like listening to their music while doing their running or exercises.


Overall, we were really impressed with the new 2016 Jaybird Freedom. The audio tech company has absolutely redeemed themselves from the highly criticized X2 wireless headphone. The wireless headphone offers excellent features, from a new sleek design, long battery life, to a pretty remarkable sound quality.