If you love watching movies with your flat screen TV, you wouldn’t want its built-in speaker provide the standard sound experience to you. We know that most TV screens have upgraded with its features, with screens to be thinner and to be with higher resolution. But aside from better features, their built-in speakers tend to be more compact thus making your audio experience compromised. And now we present you our JBL Boost TV review.

Don’t worry! There is still an answer for that. You can add a home theatre system of if you’re on a budget or only requires minimal add-ons, and then we can suggest a mini sound bar for you. Check out the JBL Boost TV mini soundbar.

JBL, known for its rugged and trendy wireless portable Bluetooth speakers like the JBL Pulse and the JBL Charge 2, has introduced another portable Bluetooth speaker slash a mini soundbar for your TV as well. This is approximately a foot long which offers great, powerful sound via Bluetooth and TV connectivity all at a neat and tidy design.

The JBL Boost TV is a perfect mini soundbar for those who only want a minimal device placed along with their TV set. It is also good for those who consider a limited or tight budget since this one retails for $200, a price under premium sound bar in the market today.



The Boost TV is a cylindrical mini soundbar that looks similar with their portable wireless Bluetooth speaker JBL Xtreme. It is smaller than most sound bars in the market, lesser than the usual 14.8 inches by 3.3 inches measurement.

This mini soundbar features two 50mm transducers that wrap around the top and front part of the unit. It includes digital optical, a 3.5mm analog, and is designed with wireless connectivity supporting Bluetooth so you can use it as a portable speaker for your smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Alongside that, the Bluetooth connectivity also allows for a “multi-room” network or connectivity with other JBL speakers via its JBL Connect feature.

The JBL Boost TV comes with a remote control that you can use to program your TV to connect with it.



Since the JBL Boost TV functions as a portable Bluetooth speaker a mini soundbar for your TV, we compared it with multiple portable speakers and sound bars as well.

Comparing it with other portable Bluetooth speakers and sound bars available, including the UE Boom 2 Portable Speaker and the Denon HEOS Home Audio System, when it comes to price in line with performance, the JBL Boost TV is surely the one on top of the list.

Testing the audio when connected to the TV, the JBL Boost TV produces crisp, detailed, and natural sound which makes any videos or movies streamed to sound realistic. The TV dialog sounded distinct and unconstrained as well. When it comes to audio that requires powerful sound, the JBL Boost TV can dish out with its bass to be full and bigger.

The JBL Boost TV was also impressive and excellent in producing quality sound from music streaming. While playing our favorite tracks, this portable Bluetooth speaker did really well in creating full sound experience.


We really recommend getting one for you! The JBL Boost TV is an affordable yet worthy mini soundbar/portable Bluetooth speaker that sounds absolutely well. Yes, there are better sounding audio devices out there but considering its features, the JBL Boost TV is really worth a try, making your TV experience a whole lot better from a small package. We hope you enjoyed reading our JBL Boost TV review.