For a long time now, JBL has impressed us with their numerous portable wireless speakers. One portable wireless speaker we were really amazed and thrilled to use are their line of JBL Charge portable speakers. From the first generation, JBL Charge, to the second generation, JBL Charge 2, this company has been a top notch in the market.

If we were really impressed with the JBL Charge and JBL Charge 2, what’s more with the new released and improved JBL Charge 2+? The JBL Charge 2+ is an improved model of the JBL Charge 2 which, from its predecessor, has added features and functionality. Well, if you would have observed, JBL has been keen on not producing new lines of portable speakers and instead just improve or upgrade their previous models. Most of its upgrades include a water resistant or splashproof feature.

This feature is included in the JBL Charge 2+ in addition to great sound quality, longer battery life of up to 12 hours, built-in microphone for speakerphone capability, multi-pairing social mode, and portable power bank or charger for other devices!

JBL Charge 2

JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Performance

Like its predecessors, the JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker also has great sound quality. The JBL speaker is built with two 7.5W drivers which enable it to produce a pretty decent sound quality, especially if its size is considered.

You can really tell how great its sound quality is. Streaming Disclosure and Sam Smith’s “Omen” is really enjoyable. The sound it delivers is a food for our ears’ hunger for better sound. The JBL Charge 2+ plays clear, crisp, and loud sound.

When it comes to bass output, this portable wireless speaker is also impressive. For such a compact speaker, the JBL Charge 2+ has a strong bass. The quality of its bass coming from both sides of the speaker is excellent. Even at higher volume levels, the bass can still manage to deliver clear output without getting distorted. However, to avoid having some distorted sound and bass, don’t push this portable wireless speaker too hard.

For the battery, the JBL Charge 2+ is powered by a built-in 6000mAh battery that enables the portable wireless speaker to work for a long period of time at 12 hours. This keeps the party going for an extended hour! In addition to a longer battery life, the JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker also doubles as a power bank or a portable charger for devices such as smartphones or tablets. That’s why it is called “Charge” because of this feature. It has a standard micro-USB to charge itself up as well as charge other devices. This one brings convenience to those who are using this while out of their home, like at a party, at a camping, or even at a road trip.

JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Design

The design of the JBL Charge 2+ is also improved compared from its predecessors.

Although it is still cylindrical in form like the JBL Charge or JBL Charge 2, it has a slightly bigger body and added weight. The JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker now weighs 600 grams but it doesn’t mean that it is a hassle to carry it anywhere. No, the JBL Charge 2+ is still manageable and portable which means that you can bring it with you anytime and anywhere. This JBL speaker is available in bright colors, black, and gray.

The JBL Charge 2+ can be positioned either horizontally or vertically according to your preference or according to how you can enjoy its sound better. For its parts, the JBL speaker is mainly covered with the speaker grille that has the JBL logo in it. At the top part are where the controls and functions are found the power button, Bluetooth pairing button, multi-pairing social mode button, phone button (that also functions as track control and voice command), as well as the LED indicator. While on the bottom, you will find the ports for the standard micro-USB, 3.5mm or aux input, and USB input (that you can connect to when charging another device). On the sides of the JBL Charge 2+ is where the passive radiators are found.

In addition to sleek and modern design, the JBL Charge 2+ has a splashproof feature. This is the reason why it’s added with a “+” in its name. Now, this portable wireless speaker can withstand elements, especially splashes of water, giving you less worry while taking it to the pool or beach. Take note though that this JBL speaker is not entirely waterproof which means that you cannot soak it in the water.

JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Connectivity

For the connectivity, we didn’t found any problems while using it or pairing it with our device. The connection was actually very easy and smooth. The JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker works with Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices.

If you prefer pairing it via Bluetooth, what you need to do is open your device’s Bluetooth connection and press the portable speaker’s Bluetooth button. If you prefer connecting the JBL Charge 2+ with a non-Bluetooth device, just use its 3.5mm port or aux input but you need to provide your own 3.5mm cable to make use of it.

Another feature you should try when it comes to connectivity is the JBL Charge 2+’s multi-pairing social mode. The social mode is a great feature introduced by JBL where it can allow up to 3 different devices or phones to pair with the JBL Charge 2+ and stream music in turns. This feature is more like DJing.

Lastly, the JBL Charge 2+ also has a built-in microphone that allows for a speakerphone capability. The quality of its sound is also great, both from the caller and our line. If you love using a portable wireless speaker to answer your phone calls, then this one is recommended for you.


Great sound quality and strong bass output Distortions at maximum volume
Battery life of up to 12 hours  
Doubles as a power bank or charger for other devices  
Splashproof feature  
Speakerphone capability  
We love the first lines of the “Charge” portable wireless speakers, from the JBL Charge to JBl Charge 2. We love the JBL Charge 2+ even better! For a price point of $149.95 and a compact size, this portable wireless speaker has a lot of features to offer. Start with a greater sound quality and stronger bass output, longer battery life of up to 12 hours, ability to charge or power up other devices such as smartphones, having speakerphone capability, to being a splashproof/water resistant JBL speaker. This one is an impressive portable speaker for an audiophile like you.