If you are on a camping trip, on a hiking or trailing adventure with your friends, or on a simple walk in a park, listening to music is a perfect companion to boost your mood and, of course, your energy. So what’s better if you also boost up the volume of your music with a wireless speaker that is really portable and easy to bring? This is one thing you should never forget to bring wherever you may go.

So if you decided to bring with you a portable wireless speaker in your next adventure, try to consider one of JBL’s portable speakers, the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

If you think this one looks familiar to you, well it is because the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker somewhat resembles the JBL Micro Wireless Ultra-Portable Speaker. The only difference here is that the JBL Clip now has a carabiner-style clip at the top part of it (instead of just a closed loop in the JBL Micro). Another feature added to it is a speakerphone capability to make wireless phone calls more enjoyable.


JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Performance

How does the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker perform in terms of sound quality, bass response, and battery life? We tested this JBL speaker and listed what we found out.

On the sound quality end, the JBL Clip performs really well. The sound production is pretty impressive for a portable wireless speaker at this size. Hozier’s track, Take Me To Church”, sounds surprisingly great, rich, and clean. Even at higher level of volume, this JBL speaker delivers a sound that is really clear, although it distorts at some point, the distortion is minimal and not all the time, really obvious. In addition, the JBL Clip is also stronger at its midrange so it can do best with acoustics.

With regards to bass, the JBL Clip also delivers. Yes, there is bass but not something you would actually expect as very powerful like other portable speakers that has got some strong bass. Take note that the JBL Clip is considered as an ultra-portable, smaller-sized portable wireless speaker out there (so bass quality is simplified).

In terms of power, the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery can power up this JBL speaker for up to 5 hours, on a single full charge. The battery life may not be that really long but it’s just enough for an average, smaller-sized portable wireless speaker like this. The JBL Clip comes with a standard micro-USB charging cable that can charge the battery for up to 2 hours.

JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Design

The JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker is ultra-portable, compact, and lightweight. It looks similar with one of JBL’s portable speakers that were introduced before, the JBL Micro Wireless Ultra-Portable Speakers. As we mentioned, if it is compared with the JBL Micro, the difference in features can be easily observed, a new carabiner-style clip and speakerphone capability for the JBL Clip.

The JBL Clip is designed in a circular form (with dimensions at 4.2 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches). It is also lightweight at only 5.6 ounces so bringing it with you and clipping it in your backpack is not a hassle. It is available in different colors, black, gray, purple, red, and light blue.

On the front panel is where the speaker grille, LED light indicator, and the JBL logo are found. Along the sides are where different and functions are found, such as the Power On/Off button, Bluetooth pairing, Call Answer/End (which can also serve as Play/Pause button), Volume controls, and the ports for the micro-USB charger and 3.5mm input. The back panel is designed with a small compartment for the 3.5mm cable.

The JBL Clip is designed mainly with metal and rubber so this portable wireless speaker is really manageable and easy to grip. The carabiner-style clip is also designed with a rubber material that makes it easy to fasten onto loops in your bags or belts

JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Connectivity

The JBL Clip can be connected by either using its Bluetooth capability or using its 3.5mm cable.

If you have any Bluetooth-enabled devices like your smartphone or your tablet, then you can easily pair them with your JBL Clip. Just turn on your device’s Bluetooth, press the JBL Clip’s Bluetooth pairing button, pair it, then you’re good to go. For non-Bluetooth devices, the dedicated 3.5mm cable is there to be used. You can also use this cable to daisy-chain multiple JBL Clip or JBL Micro to also make the sound louder.


Decent sound quality Average battery life
Functional design (carabiner-style clip)  
Speakerphone capability  
The JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker delivers great features considering its size and price. This JBL speaker produces decent sound quality, has a functional design, easy to pair, and also enables wireless phone calls through its speakerphone capability. It is a great companion in different adventures like your camping or hiking, just clip it in your belt loop or your backpack, pair it with your device, and get the music going.