We all know JBL to be a top brand when it comes to audio devices. From portable speakers (like the uniquely-designed JBL Pulse, the JBL Micro, the awesome JBL Charge 2, and the new JBL Clip 2) to wireless Bluetooth headphones, this brand never misses out on top of the game. So now, another headphone has been introduced to us by JBL. This one is the JBL Reflect Aware.

This new audio device by JBL is an in-ear sports headphones claimed to have a nice and unique feature: noise-cancelling technology. But aside from that, what makes the JBL Reflect Aware a topic in the headphone market today is that it is one of the first Lightning headphones, which sets aside many wireless headphones out there. This feature is obviously a perfect choice for audiophiles looking to have a new headphone for their latest iOS devices, like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The JBL Reflect Aware is offered with a $200 price tag. The $200 may be a bit pricey for such a wireless headphone, but we see it to be justified well with its build and features. It is not only an ordinary headphone but an in-ear sports headphone as well, giving audiophiles an added value to their daily purpose.

Design and Features

The Reflect Aware is designed to be well built, integrated with a durable cord and an inline remote. Since this one is an in-ear sports headphone, JBL created to be sweat resistant, which means that you can use it while doing any of your sports activities in the day, getting it wet because of your sweat, while not being worried of damaging the headphone. Simply saying, the JBL Reflect Aware is also a perfect in-ear headphone for many sports enthusiasts.


Aside from that, it comes with a set of silicon tips and wings to assist you in locking the buds securely while in use. Well, with the different sizes of silicon tips on hand, the JBL Reflect Aware provides a firm and comfortable fit in your ears, thus an easy and hassle-free audio experience for you.

The inline remote has very important purpose which is to turn on/off the special feature of the JBL Reflect Aware – the noise cancelling technology. The noise cancelling seems to work at par, yet it is pretty considerable compared to other existing $200 and above ordinary in-ear headphones in the market today.

The reason why the brand named it with the word “Aware” is because the feature smartly chooses to let the ambient sound in. This is one advantage for you especially if you are using the wireless headphone while running, jogging, or biking and still wants to be aware of your surroundings. In order to control the ambient noise setting, you have to have the JBL headphone dedicated app in your device. With the app, you can also be able to adjust or play with the EQ setting.

It is a Lightning headphone

With the new era of iPhone devices, the JBL Reflect Aware is one of the first to offer the non-headphone jack feature. Yes, the latest iPhones, like the 7 and 7 Plus, do not include the headphone jack anymore thus leaving you with the options to either connect a headphone wirelessly or with one via Lightning. If you are not impressed with the new wireless Apple AirPods, then JBL gives you an option with this.

However, if you are a solid Android fanatic, then don’t think JBL has only made the Reflect Aware exclusive to Apple fanatics. Note that JBL has also created a version for devices with the latest USB Type C connection. They called it the JBL Reflect Aware C and it is also priced at $200.


For a $200 in-ear sports headphone, the performance is very considerable. The sound is well-balanced producing an audio quality at a pretty decent clarity. However, for starters, the JBL Reflect Aware may produce a bit bassy sound but still that can be easily solved by adjusting the EQ setting via JBL’s dedicated app.


We think that the JBL Reflect Aware is a very likable in-ear sports headphone. For the $200 price tag attached to it, JBL has so far proven to have created this headphone with very considerable and pretty decent features: one of the first Lightning headphones to be offered nowadays, integration of noise-cancelling technology, resistance to sweat, and an impressive sound performance. Why not consider this one – the JBL Reflect Aware, right?