If you think Under Armour alone is already a great brand for your sports hype, well think twice when the awesome UA partners with one of the top brands in audio electronics, JBL. Yes, you’ve read that right. Under Armour has partnered with JBL to bring you a pair of in-ear Bluetooth headphone with a cool feature to accompany you in your fitness activities, an integrated heart rate sensor. If you’re a fan of Under Armour then having the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphone is an advantage for you.

With the UA sports headphone, you can easily connect it with the company’s well-known Record platform that allows you to track your workouts and receive updates on your fitness activities like your pace, distance, and heart rates.

Coming with a price tag of $200, the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphone has some awesome treats to all audiophiles, including a complimentary 12-month subscription to MapMyFitness Premium.

Design and Features


The UA sports headphone is designed to work for fitness activities (like running, work outs, etc.). To adapt with the functionality, it is made to be sweat resistant and rainproof, with a rating of IPX5. In order to maintain its position while being used, the Bluetooth headphone has an open design and loop hooks which will also surely secure them while you’re working out. Aside from that, the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphone comes with four different earbud sizes to provide you options for use. The package also includes a small carrying case where you can keep them whenever they are not being used.

Another feature in this UA sports headphone is an inclusion of an inline remote and microphone integrated on the right cable which allows you to control your music playback, answer phone calls, and change the volume levels.

In case the Bluetooth headphone loses its battery life, you can charge it up easily via a micro-USB port located on the right part of the remote. The UA Sports Wireless can let you enjoy your tracks for up to 5 hours.



We have been testing the headphone for about a week, especially while we are working out and we are pretty impressed with how it has delivered. We did not experience any connection issues with the Bluetooth headphone while being used with our Android and iOS devices. The in-ear headphones also did not fall out from our ears while having a run which is excellent compared to other sports headphone we have tested.

As for the sound performance, the UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate Headphone delivers a decent sound, which is really clear and crisp. The only thing we noticed when it comes to sound performance is its bass response. The bass is a little bit lacking but if you are not that keen on the bass, then this Bluetooth headphone is a go.

In terms of the heart rate sensor, the component is located on the left earbud that has flickering green-colored LED light that irradiates the capillaries and measures the blood as it flows. For us, the heart rate sensor is a very cool feature, especially if you are an active sports or fitness enthusiast. So far, the heart rate monitor feature of the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphone turns out to be accurate for our fitness activities.


So if you are an Under Armour fan, a JBL fan, or a sports and fitness enthusiast, it is not bad to try and consider this in-ear Bluetooth sports headphone. The UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate Headphone is one of the sports headphones that have a pretty decent performance and features that are perfect for your daily audio and sports purposes.