We know that you’re looking for an AirPlay speaker you can use. You may be tired or got used to playing your favorite tracks from the built-in speaker of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Well, you’re in the right place.

With Apple devices comes AirPlay, a wireless protocol used in different purposes, one which can be used in wireless streaming music from your device. That doesn’t only get the benefits you get from using AirPlay, because with compared from other wireless protocol like Bluetooth and DLNA, audio streaming is at a higher fidelity, thus a better audio quality.

One speaker that supports AirPlay includes the Klipsch Gallery G-17.

With the Klipsch Gallery G-17, we can make audio    streaming wirelessly via AirPlay with of course    some added features.

klips gallery g-17

Klipsch Gallery G-17 – Performance

We find the Klipsch Gallery G-17 to have a really great performance. We really appreciate listening to this AirPlay speaker.

Testing the Klipsch Gallery G-17 with different tracks was enjoyable. Why? Because the sound it produces from it is really great. The sound was clear, it was crisp, and it doesn’t produce any distortions at all.

Klipsch Gallery G-17 packs a 0.75 inch tweeters, two 2.5 inch drivers, and a bass port. No wonder the sound coming out from this AirPlay speaker is really impressive and entertaining. In addition, cranking up the volume of the music you are playing doesn’t sound irritating at all. It’s very powerful, thus it can fill a wide room.

If you ask for the bass, the Klipsch Gallery G-17 has them. We were also impressed by how its bass performs. It keeps up with bass-intensive tracks.

Klipsch Gallery G-17 – Design

By the looks of the Klipsch Gallery G-17, we agree with how it exudes attractiveness.

The Klipsch Gallery G-17 is designed with a polished black plastic enclosure, which packs the speaker with both 10-watt tweeters and 20-watt woofers. Klipsch even portrays this AirPlay speaker to have “high-gloss piano black” finish. It is really shiny and eye-catching. But because it made of polished plastic, we didn’t like how it becomes a magnet for dusts and fingerprints.

The Klipsch Gallery G-17 measure 6 x 17 x 3.5 inches and weighs at 7.5 pounds.

The front part of the Klipsch Gallery G-17 shows a simple stretched cloth that serves as the speaker grille and covers the inner parts. Klipsch also designed it to have the cloth be easily detached if you prefer this AirPlay speaker to show or expose the speaker drivers. The right side of the Klipsch Gallery G-17 contains five different buttons, the Power button, Volume buttons, the Wireless Connect, the Input (for switching between AirPlay, Aux Input, or USB), and the Reset button. Alongside those buttons, you can also find the AC adapter connection.

Klipsch Gallery G-17 – Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, you can either choose among options: Wi-Fi (or AirPlay), USB, or Aux input).

If you prefer connections via AirPlay, then you need to set it up by following certain steps. When we tried to set up AirPlay, we didn’t experience any problems. Connecting our Apple devices via AirPlay was not that painful at all. To add more experience in using the Klipsch Gallery G-17, you can download their iOS app from the App Store.

Another feature in terms of connectivity is Klipsch Gallery G-17’s remote control for Power, Play/Pause, Volume, Previous, Next, and Input. It’s an advantage but we don’t like how the remote was designed at all because it has a different design from that of the AirPlay speaker, thus it doesn’t feel like it belongs to it.


Elegant Design Pricey
Sound and Bass Quality Enclosure is a magnet for dusts and fingerprint
AirPlay Functionality
Remote Control

You can have a Klipsch Gallery G-17 at $259.99 and that’s a lesser cost from its original price at $549.99. It may be that pricey, the Klipsch Gallery G-17 has a different take on AirPlay speakers. It has an elegant design, has a great sound quality and impressive bass, it supports AirPlay, and it also has a remote to ease your control. We will absolutely recommend this.