The new 5.1-channel speaker system from Klipsch stands out among other with its feature. What feature is that? The speaker system has no wires running. The new RP-440WF speaker system, most commonly known as the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440WF HD Wireless 5.1 Speaker System, is an all-in-one audio device that packs great functions including an easy setup, a surround system, and a wireless connection.

Although take note that this Klipsch speaker system is not completely wireless which means that you still have to use some nifty power cords to plug each individual speakers, as well as connections for the base station via HDMI. Well, at least the Klipsch Reference Premiere is a lot easier to setup than other existing speaker systems out there.

One caveat: if you are considering buying a speaker system for you that has affordable price tag, then you may think twice about this wireless speaker system. The RP-440WF sells at $999. This price is listed for only one of the speakers, and you will need to have at least two speakers to complete the system. The price for the entire speaker system, including the control center, the five (5) surround speaker, and the sub totals to $5000.

Design and Features

With the new Klipsch speaker system, you don’t have to connect some wires from any amplifiers or AV receivers to each surround speaker because each speaker has its built-in amplifier. So how will audio be transmitted? The audio is transmitted wirelessly from the Control Center into which you plug other parts and components. The speaker system also features optical and coaxial digital inputs, analog, four (4) HDMI inputs, and Bluetooth.


In addition, the speaker system consists of the slim Klipsch RP-440WF towers, the bookshelf RP-140WM surround speakers, RP-440WC center-channel speaker, and the RP-110WSW subwoofer.

For starters, if you are short in budget, it is not entirely required to have a full blown and complete 5.1 speaker system setup. You can start with one surround speaker, like the RP-140WM, and have the Control Center which is a mandatory component to have. Then from that, you can continue to complete each set.


While charging the Survivor, you will notice the hidden LED light indicators on top of the portable speaker which will let you know about its charging status.

If you think the buttons only serve to individually function as the power, volume up and down, and connect to Bluetooth, then there’s a catch. Upon reading more about this Bluetooth speaker in the manual, we discovered that the power button can also switch its bright LED flashlight (located on the center of the buttons) if you long press it. Aside from that, the Bluetooth button can also play/pause the music if you press it while streaming from your device.

Going to its power performance, the Dreamwave Survivor Speaker is built with 12,000 mAh battery that can fully charge your Android smartphone device up to four times and your iPhones for up to six times. The jump starter capability of the Dreamwave survivor is very impressive. It kicks out 400 amps from the portable speaker’s port which is enough to power up your car.

Sound Performance

After the box has been delivered to us, we immediately opened them and proceeded with the setup. As what Klipsch has claimed in their marketing, the Reference Premiere HD Wireless 5.1 Speaker System is indeed easy to assemble.

After that, we tested the wireless speaker system with one of our Blu-ray collections. We played the high-powered “Mad Max: Fury Road” and the whole speaker system was very impressive. The surround speakers’ sound delivery was definitely clean, natural, and detailed. Even if the audio requires loud sound production, the Klipsch speaker system can catch up with the requirement, play loud dynamic sound, and deliver clear dialogue as well.

We also streamed music with this wireless speaker system, particularly with music by Sia like “The Greatest” and “Cheap Thrills”. The Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless 5.1 Speaker System has again made a great job with its bass to be very responsive and decent. The bass is strong and at higher volume level, no distortions are observed.


The Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440WF HD Wireless 5.1 Speaker System is a worthy audio system featuring amazing features for a great home theatre experience. The wireless connection will surely approve every audiophile out there and add to this the wireless speaker system’s impressive sound quality. The Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440WF HD Wireless 5.1 Speaker System sells at price range of $999 up to $5000, each components priced differently and individually.