You may have heard a lot about Apple’s AirPlay already. AirPlay indeed has a great impact when it comes to wireless connectivity. It even changed the game of wireless connectivity for portable speakers nowadays.

Since you want to get to know more about awesome portable speakers out there and at the same time, maybe, looking for portable speakers that support AirPlay, then you’re in the right place at the right time.

Let me introduce to you the Logitech UE Air Speakers.

Logitech UE Air – Performance

The Logitech UE (Ultimate Ears) Air is Logitech’s first AirPlay speakers. We all know that Logitech is one giant in the audio electronics industry and that reflects to its line of great portable speakers out there.

Logitech UE Air
When it comes to performance, does the Logitech UE Air delivers excellently? We tested this AirPlay speaker and found out.

In terms of sound quality, the Logitech UE Air does not falter at all. It is actually powerful and rich. This AirPlay speaker produces the sound that dominates one filled room. It also produces loud yet clear and clean sound, without distortions, that can really entertain you and your friends while using it in your party.

The bass quality does not disappoint also. Playing it with bass intensive tracks, the Logitech UE Air can keep up. Thanks also to its UE Air iOS app because you can adjust how its bass and treble can deliver.

If you’re asking whether this AirPlay speaker has a rechargeable battery or not, unfortunately, it doesn’t have one. So you need to plug its power cord in order to make it work.

Logitech UE Air – Design

There are many different dock speakers being offered out there like the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air or the Bose SoundDock, but the Logitech UE Air has a different look and feel to it.

When you first see the Logitech UE Air, you will actually think of it as really elegant and modern. It is designed to have smooth curves and slim body that can be placed anywhere in your home with you being proud of it to just display and use. It measures at 506 x 152 x 140 mm and only weighs at 2.81 kg.

The back part is made of both black glossy plastic (upper part) and black matte finish (lower part). At the back you’ll find the power button, volume rocker, and the mute button. When you flip it around, you will also find the port to plug your 3.5mm jack, an Ethernet port you can use to connect to your network, and of course the power port in order to power up the Logitech UE Air. On the other side, you’ll find the foam speaker grille and the push button dock. The dock connector makes it easier to charge your iPhone or iPod or even play music from it.

Logitech UE Air – Connectivity

Another feature that impresses us is the Logitech UE Air’s AirPlay connectivity.

Connecting your Apple device with the Logitech UE Air is not a hassle at all. All you need to do is connect to your network, install Logitech UE Air’s iOS app, dock your device to the speaker and enable connection of your device to the speaker through the app. Once all of that is done, you are AirPlay enabled.

All as easy and wonderful as that.


Elegant and Modern Design Pricey
Powerful Sound and Bass No built-in/rechargeable battery
Easy AirPlay Setup

At $199.99, you can now own a Logitech UE Air. For us, this price is of value. It may be pricey, but the Logitech UE Air has a lot to offer. It has an elegant and modern design that really stands out, has a powerful sound that boosts up your party, and has AirPlay connectivity for your Apple devices, also consider its easy setup.