If you are a sports enthusiast who loves accomplishing daily long runs or even enjoys your daily fitness regime, surely a great companion for these activities is a nice quality wireless headphone. However, if you have one and does not find your regular headphone to be good enough in handling all of your sports and fitness activities, then the neckband-style headphone from Motorola would be a great recommendation for you. Meet the Motorola Vervelife Headphones.

Yes, you may wonder how a tech giant company that is primarily focused on developing mobile phones has turned its direction and entered the audio department would create a wireless headphone for all audiophiles, well, we’re on the same side here. Truth be told, Binatone, a manufacturer of accessory products technically has a right when it comes to using the Motorola name for its products. In the past years, Binatone has built many Motorola-branded accessory products, including pet trackers among others. And now, they have created a something that offers a great audio experience and a nice companion for your daily workouts and the Motorola Vervelife Headphones is not just one but a quintet of wireless headphones for which you could choose from.

VerveOnes and the VerveOnes+


Two headphones in the group are these chunky earbuds that are wireless in connectivity. These two wireless headphones offer support for voice activation and assistance via Siri and Google Now, has up to 3.5 hours of battery life, as well as an included case for storage and extra battery recharge of up to 12 hours. The VerveOnes comes with a column-shaped storage device and a price tag that lists $200 while the VerveOnes+ costs $50 more, with the same features and an added water and sweat resistance that makes it truly perfect for any of your sports activities.



The VerveLoop+ is different from the first two wireless headphones. This one is a hybrid or bith wired and wireless headphone – that is designed with two earbuds, a connecting cable, and an inline remote. Compared to the VerveOnes and VerveOnes+, the VerveLoop+ has a longer battery life rating up to 10 hours of continuous music playback. This wireless headphone is priced at $79.

VerveRider and VerveRider+

Last two in the quintet of the Motorola Vervelife Headphones are the VerveRider and VerveRider+. These two are also designed differently – as a neckband-style headphone. Its earbuds are strapped together to an orange neckband or collar that rests around the back of the neck. Both the VerveRider and VerveRider+ have better battery life of up to 12 hours. Aside from that, these neckband-style headphones are integrated with a built-in microphone that allows wireless calls from your mobile device. Similar to the VerveOnes+, the VerveRider+ is also designed with water and sweat resistance, protecting it from damage whenever you use it in your exercises. The VerveRider is available at $69 while the VerveRider+ costs at $99.

All of these wireless headphones work perfectly well with any Android and Apple devices.


Never miss out on enjoying your sports and fitness activities with on-the-go music accompanied by the Motorola Vervelife Headphones. From wireless headphones, wireless earbuds, hybrid headphones, and to neckband-style headphones, there are a lot to choose from these quintet of audio devices.