You may have known Oppo for their well-recognized smartphones but this company is not just focused on their bunch of mobile phones and other handheld devices. Oppo Digital also got the moves when it comes to releasing wireless speakers. One of their new releases is the Oppo Sonica.

Aside from the line of mobile phones and disk players, Oppo Digital has also opened them to enhancing your experience through wireless audio system. Add to this is the ability of their wireless speaker to feature connectivity options that will enable to let you experience a room-to-room, home system.

Welcome the new Oppo Sonica. This wireless speaker is beautifully designed by Igor Levitsky who was behind the design of the Oppo PM-3 planar magnetic headphone. The Oppo Sonica includes two (2) wide-band drivers, three (3) bass drivers (one 3.5-inch long displacement bass driver and two 3-inch balanced bass radiators).


In terms of connectivity, this Oppo digital speaker supports wireless connection through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as the AirPlay (iOS) and Android connection via the speaker’s dedicated app, Sonica app. If in case you prefer using a wired connection for your devices, then don’t worry because the Oppo Sonica also connects via a USB and 3.5mm auxiliary input.

As mentioned, the Oppo Sonica features connectivity options, including the function of enabling room-to-room/multiroom audio streaming. In order to make this work, you have to connect multiple Sonica wireless speakers placed in different rooms or you can simply hook up two Sonica speakers just to amplify sound. The Sonica app has awesome uses as well when you’re using the wireless speakers like streaming music services, particularly Tidal.

At a price of $299, we would say that the Oppo Sonica is a good buy. Considering its size, this one surely has some worthy features to take seriously. If you were impressed with the company’s products like their smartphones, headphones, and even Blu-ray players, then the Oppo Sonica is worth checking out.