Have you heard of the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker? This one has got something unique for many audiophiles out there. Aside from amplifying sound from your mobile device, this portable speaker also serves as a mobile stand.So if you love listening to music of watching videos from your iPhones or any Android smartphones, then the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker is the right one for you.

Philips SBA1610
To know more about the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker, read the full review below.

Philips SBA1610BLK/37 Portable Speaker – Performance

Despite a very compact size, the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker has a surprisingly great sound quality! This portable speaker is built with Neodymium speaker drivers that deliver pure balanced sound. It also includes a Class D Digital Amplifier that allows for superb quality sound. In terms of output power, the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker uses it at 2 watts of power which is already an average usage for many portable speakers in the market.

Testing this portable speaker, we found it to be really impressive considering its size. Playing our favourite tracks and watching videos from our smartphone using this portable speaker, the sound quality it delivers is actually rich, clear, and very dynamic.

Aside from that, the sound was also very loud, which is expected because it uses 2 watts of output power. Although we were impressed with its sound performance, the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker does falter on bass output. If you’re one who listens to Dance, House, Electro music, then we suggest you looking for other portable speakers because the bass output of the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 is not that powerful.

In terms of power performance and feature, you must know that the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker is battery operated. It does not have a built-in rechargeable battery which is quite frustrating for our part. To make it work, you need to constantly use and replace it with 3 triple A (AAA) batteries, which is quite inconvenient for us.

Philips SBA1610BLK/37 Portable Speaker – Design

For its design, we would say that this one is plain and simple. Yet there is an advantage to it because all functions and controls are simplified. For audiophiles who are looking for easy functions, the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker could be an option for you.

As we have mentioned, the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 also serves as a mobile stand for many smartphones out there like your iPhones or any of your Android smartphones. How does it work? This portable speaker is made to have an elongated design, consisting of three sides. It has a dimension of 2 x 2 x 6.3 inches and a weight of only 5.9 ounces, hence this one is really compact, slim, and lightweight, perfect for on the go.

Minimal functions are only included in this audio device such as a 3.5mm Aux/Audio jack on its side and the battery ports covered at its back. Speaking of the 3.5mm Audio/Aux jack, this part also serves as the power switch. As you rotate this part to connect the jack to a device, the portable speaker also turns on, as indicated by a LED light to let you know that it is ready to do its work. Once you already connected your device to this portable speaker, you can just let your device rest on the portable speaker while playing your music or watching any videos.

The Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker comes in four different colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and Silver.


Philips SBA1610BLK/37 Portable Speaker – Connectivity

For the connectivity feature, the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker only works via its 3.5mm Aux/Audio jack. You should know that there is no wireless connectivity built to this portable speaker.


Clear, rich, dynamic, and loud sound for its compact size Bass is not strong
Also serves as a mobile stand No built-in rechargeable battery (3 x AAA battery operated only)
Very compact, lightweight, and portable No wireless connection
Very affordable
For a price of $11.95 only, you can now have the Philips SBA1610BLK-37 Portable Speaker. This one is perfect for on the go! It has an impressive sound quality, minimal yet functional build and design, and it also serves as a mobile stand.