Portable speakers are among the highly celebrated and trendiest inventions at present. You have tons of choices from online shops, marketplaces and shopping quarters in the mall. But the question is which of these options can exceed your expectations and have all the features you’re looking for? Fret not, because Philips’ SBT30 Sound Shooter portable Bluetooth speaker’s got one of the most awesome features in store for you. With the SBT30 Sound Shooter, you can wirelessly stream your music and take it wherever you go. I like that it is shaped like a grenade because it has a more whimsical appeal to it. It is so light and handy and comes in eye-catching shades of blue, green, orange pink and purple! Here’s another pleasant surprise—a Carabiner clip is included with the product, meaning, you can clip the Sound Shooter on to anywhere you want. If you accidentally drop the speaker, you won’t have to worry about leaving dents or marks since it comes with a unique rubber cover which provides full protection from any scratches.
Philips SBT30 Sound Shooter

For the specs, the Philips Sound Shooter has a built-in rechargeable battery which lets you enjoy your music without worrying about running out of battery. You can also enjoy up to 8 hours of music playback after every full recharge. The built-in microphone will automatically pause your music and let you answer phone calls. Moreover, Philips Sound Shooter lets you play your music from your newest gadgets through wireless communication technology. It took me less than a minute to connect the SBT30 to my iPhone, and even when used as a speaker phone to answer calls, it still produced outstanding sound quality. Believe it or not I’ve had several crystal clear phone conversations with friends and relatives, thanks to this amazing portable speaker!


Say goodbye to annoying cable clutter and poor signal quality because this innovative Bluetooth speaker from Philips comes with one cable for both charging and aux-in music playback. With all of these features and qualities for the price of $49.99, the SBT30 Sound Shooter is definitely a great and guaranteed deal for all you audiophiles out there! Its sound quality is on par with some of the most top-rated portable speakers in the market right now, and it also makes your smartphones, tablets and laptops deliver more captivating audio than before. I give this an overall rating of 3.5/5, and I highly recommend this product to everyone.