Listening to your favorite music with a wireless headphone or a Bluetooth headset at a very high range or volume may be fun and cool, especially if you are the kind of an edgy person. However fun or cool listening to loud music would that be can be absolutely and potentially harmful to your hearing in the long run, and with that dilemma, you need Puro Sound Labs BT5200 Bluetooth Headphones.

One audio tech company has created a Bluetooth headphone that would save you from harmful effects of listening to loud music while not giving up your fun and edgy side. The Puro Sound Labs introduces the BT5200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

As many refer to it as the “vegetable for your ears,” the BT5200 wireless headphone provides you a healthy and safe hearing while enjoying the audio experience. It is designed with aluminum earcups that comes with 40mm custom dynamic drivers that monitors the decibel level and lets you know if the volume is safe or not safe via an LED.


But what should be the recommended decibel level to know if it is still safe or not? Basically, in order for you to maintain a healthy hearing, you should keep the volume at or below 85dB. If you are on this range, the Puro Sound Labs BT5200 wireless headphones’ LED positioned on the left earcup will glow green. However, if your volume is higher at the range of 85dB to 95dB, the LED will glow yellow. And if you’re still persistent and keep on listening to your music at a much raised volume, at over 95dB, then the LED turns red which lets you know that it is unsafe and could lead to hearing damage.


If you think that because this wireless headphone limits your audio listening experience, then don’t worry because Puro balances the quality of sound even at a lower volume! The Puro Sound Labs BT5200 wireless headphone has a pure, natural, detailed, and great sound along with a rich, powerfull bass performance. If you love listening to music genres like pop, dance, edm, house, and others with bass, then this Bluetooth headset hit the right spot.

Unlike other headphones out there like the Sony MDR 1000x or the Focal Listen Over-ear Headphone that both comes with noise-cancelling feature, the Puro Sound Labs BT5200 has no active noise cancellation so if you are using it while on a very busy street, a train, or on a plane, then you are still going to hear some of the noise. To solve it, Puro Sound Labs designed the earcups with padding that combines with pressure of the headband to secure your ear and block 82 percent of the outside noise.


For its design, this Bluetooth headset looks good but not unique. It has a generic or standard design for a wireless headphone. However, it may still look nice because of its components, especially the aluminum parts which make it very trendy. For its quality, we can prove that it is sturdy and very comfortable to use.

The performance of the Puro Sound Labs BT5200 can last up to 24 hours. Once battery reaches its limit, this Bluetooth headset can be recharged via its micro-USB port. Aside from that, this wireless headphone also comes with other features including a flat, tangle-free 3.5mm cable to give options for Bluetooth wireless or wired connectivity. It also comes with a hard-shell case to be used for storage.

Overall, the Puro Sound Labs BT5200 bluetooth headphone has a nice quality, from its sound quality, unique “healthy hearing” feature, sturdy and trendy design, as well as a performance that lasts at a long hour. We do appreciate this company for promoting and helping their users to listen well and protect them from hearing loss.