If you think that buying a premium sound bar for your home theatre speaker system is not a smart move at all, then think again because having the $1,500 Samsung HW-K950 gives you many reasons to have it.

Samsung, including Sony, are known to be the top brands when it comes to sound bars and other audio speakers for home theatre speaker systems. Considering there are many of these sound bars that offer features but Samsung’s HW-K950 has proved to stand out among them. The HW-K950 sound bar delivers superb sound, clear quality, and it’s best for multiroom streaming thanks to its dedicated multiroom app. With its superior features, we think that having to spend over a grand for the Samsung sound bar is worth it.

Design and Features

We would say that the Samsung HW-K950 is the top sound bar when it comes to the design department.
The sound bar measures at 3 inches tall, 48 inches wide, and 5 inches deep which makes it suitable for bigger television. It looks so elegant and sleek due to its aluminum curves and edges. The frontage is designed with a black steel mesh that conceals a blue LED text.


Aside from the sound bar, the package also includes two satellite speakers that look similar to desktop audio monitor. These speakers measure at 8 inches tall. In addition to that, a subwoofer is also included, measuring at 16 inches tall and deep and 8 inches wide.

The Samsung HW-K950 also features a 5.1.4 setup for the Dolby Atmos, specifically five surrounds, one subwoofer, and four overheads. The connections also include two HDMI ports and one output, an optical digital audio, a 3.5mm analog stereo port, and wireless connectivity for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


We have tried many sound bars already, like the Paradigm PW, the Sony HT-NT5, and the Yamaha YSP 2700. The Samsung HW-K950 is different from these sound bars.

Testing it with some tracks with different genres in dance, electronic, and acoustic, we were impressed with how the HW-K950 delivered its immersive sound. The sound was not harsh or distorted at all even at high volume level. Additionally, the bass was well balanced while being solid and distinct in the room.

Moving to testing the Samsung HW-K950 with the Blu-ray version of Independence Day: Resurgence, we really enjoyed watching it because of its immersive and powerful sound quality. The dialogue delivered by each characters were very easy to understand because of its clear and crisp sound. The effects associated were more enjoyable to watch due to its surround sound added with powerful bass response.

Overall, the sound performance was indeed excellent. The sound is very detailed, clear, and balanced with a powerful bass response.


The question here is, “should you buy the Samsung HW-K950?” The sound bar comes with a price tag of $1499, which is a high price for such audio equipment but does it prove to be a worthy purchase?

For us, the Samsung HW-K950 is the premium sound bar that is a return for your money. It has a very beautiful design that is a great companion for your television and home theatre speaker system, has perfect additions to the sound bar including the subwoofer and the satellite speakers, and most specially, it has an excellent sound performance that is absolutely immersive and powerful.

With all of these superior features, the Samsung HW-K950 is highly recommended.