This year has been an explosion of many wireless speakers and one that gets most of the attention from audiophiles is the wi-fi connected speakers. With the emergence of wi-fi music (or internet music services), many prefers wi-fi speakers than the usual Bluetooth speakers. What make wi-fi speakers more advantageous than the former are the better features it offers: a better range, lesser audio dropouts, and better sound quality, all leading to a superior audio experience. If you are looking for a wi-fi speaker, alternative to those from Sonos, then Samsung has something to offer and this is the Samsung Radiant360 R1 WAM1500.

This is an upgrade for the tech giant’s previous model M3, which now offers portability, nice look and build, Bluetooth support (which Sonos does not), integration with Samsung TVs, as well as high resolution sound.

The Samsung Radiant360 R1 WAM1500 is now available in the market at a price of $179.

Design and Features


This Samsung speaker looks similar to the Amazon Echo, with its cylindrical form (measuring 9 inches tall and 5 inches across) and a 360-degree sound production (thus coming up with the name Radiant360). The wireless speaker is designed with a driver and two separate acoustic lenses that enable it to produce the sound in all directions, upwards and sideward. The Samsung R1 is covered in black acoustic cloth and its bottom part contains the connect buttons and the power cable.

On top of the speaker is where you will find its unique touch-sensitive surface that functions two gestures: (1) tap to play or pause the music and (2) swipe to skip tracks. Aside from that, the surface also includes other controls for the Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the volume buttons, as well as the mode button (to switch between TV Connect for Samsung TVs).

Just like the wi-fi speakers by Sonos, the Samsung Radiant360 R1 WAM1500 also functions as a multiroom speaker and can stream music wirelessly by using its dedicated Samsung Multiroom app. Aside from that, you can be able to play online music services with the app, including streaming services by Pandora, Amazon, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Spotify.

Sound Performance


While there are many premium wi-fi speakers out there that perform at par for the price you spend, the Samsung R1 proves to be far better than them. However, you have to take note that this Samsung speaker is designed to perform for light music only so if you are a fan of rock music then this wireless speaker may not be for you.

For its size, the Samsung R1 delivers a pretty decent (mono) sound quality with balanced delivery, clear and detailed audio, as well as a considerable bass response. In order to experience a more immersive performance, we have placed it in the corner of our room thus affecting the sound to be more reflective and substantially well-tuned.

Testing it with lighter music like acoustics and jazz, the Samsung Radiant360 R1 WAM1500 has been very impressive. Although soft, the music sounded upright and relaxed. This wi-fi speaker is perfect for use in your kitchen while concentrating on your cooking, in your mini library while reading your novel, or in the living room while relaxing.


Wi-fi speakers are surely in demand nowadays and having to spend for more premium ones while getting the same quality and features from them are a bummer if you don’t want to spend a lot from your pocket. If you are indeed looking for an alternative from these, like that of Sonos, then considering the Samsung Radiant360 R1 WAM1500 is a smart choice. With its price of $179, you can surely get cool features: sleek design, multiroom capability, and decent sound quality.

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