There are a ton of varieties of portable Bluetooth speakers out there and among them, one has stood out. Behold! The Deck by Sol Republic.

Sol Republic Deck, the first non-headphone product of Sol Republic, in collaboration with Motorola, is a portable speaker perfect for on-the-go.

Our attention was caught by the time this portable speaker arrived. With its cool design and build (like a shape of a PSP) and other awesome features, the Sol Republic Deck is probably one of the “must-haves”.

How much is the Sol Republic Deck? Well, you can own one of these at a price of $200. Yes, $200 which is kind of pricey for a portable speaker. But note, before judging and hesitating, know more of its feature pack because you may never know, with Sol Republic Deck, you may have gotten more what you paid for.

Sol Republic Deck – Performance

The Deck, which is the first non-headphone of Sol Republic, was something we thought through. By “first non-headphones”, many may say that this is something to risk or, a lot to risk.
As first timers in the non-headphones category, hence first timers in portable speakers category, Sol Republic, in collaboration with Motorola, really has the drive to provide audiophiles like us something which will delight us, even though there’s a big risk of doubts from everyone. As we tested the Sol Republic Deck, those doubts were all erased. This means that this portable speaker really has that something, which is a potential from its competitors.

In terms of performance, Sol Republic Deck delivers a fairly loud sound. Considering that this is a small portable speaker, Sol Republic Deck’s sound can fill a small room. Also, the delivery of the sound was very clean and crisp, from one track to another.

Aside from its use particularly in a small room, with this portable speaker, you can play your music even outdoors. We tried it outdoors and the sound quality was also great, thanks to its outdoor mode, a mode that changes the sound quality and adapting it whenever the speaker will be used for outdoor streaming.

This portable speaker is omnidirectional. This means that the sound being delivered from the Sol Republic Deck is a 360-degree sound. This was made possible by the R2 sound engines built in it.

What also makes the Sol Republic Deck stand out from the millions of portable Bluetooth speakers out there is its full attention to midrange. As we played different tracks, the speaker proved to have every aspect to be very detailed, fine, and accurate.

With regards to its bass response, we would say that the Sol Republic Deck is at par, while at low-mids the bass was pretty decent but while at high-mids the bass feels forced. Just like its competitors, the bass was neither powerful nor weak.

The battery life is up to 10 hours which is fairly acceptable. If you want to have it performing longer, then you have to control its volumes at lower levels.

Sol Republic Deck – Design

The Sol Republic Deck is like a size of a PSP. This portable speaker is designed to easily fit to your bags without the hassle. It’s really portable and convenient because of its slim build.

Available in different colors like red, yellow, black, and blue, the Sol Republic Deck measures 1.5 inches by 7.3 inches by 3.5 inches and weighs 11.5 ounces. It sits flat on a surface to provide omnidirectional sound.

The top part comprises of the volume controls on both sides of the portable speaker, the Motorola button which has multifunction like play/pause control, pairing button, switch button to change between indoor and outdoor mode, and answer button for speakerphone mode, the NFC zone for easier pairing, and the large SOL logo in LED stretching across the top part and acts as an indicator in Heist mode.

For the rear part, it has the power button, charging port, micro USB port, 3.5mm auxiliary input, and the switch for allowing the Heist mode.

To prevent the portable speaker from moving while playing tracks, the bottom part is rubberized.

Another feature we really loved in this portable speaker when it comes to the design is the LED (formed as the SOL logo) which has different colors when the Heist mode is enabled. It doesn’t only provide a specific use but also provide a cool aesthetic for the portable speaker.

Sol Republic Deck – Connectivity

There was no problem with the connectivity of the Sol Republic Deck between our devices.

When it comes to this function, the Sol Republic Deck has a lot to offer.

First is its capability to connect with any devices via Bluetooth and/or the 3.5mm auxiliary port. If your device supports Bluetooth connection, then the Sol Republic can be easily connected. On the other hand, if you have a device without Bluetooth, you can still connect this via the 3.5mm auxiliary port. There is another use for the speaker’s auxiliary port where you can use this to connect another Sol Republic Deck to produce greater and more powerful sound.

Second is its NFC pairing. As long as you have a device supported with this, the NFC pairing of the Sol Republic Deck is very much useful. With this, pairing the device and the portable speaker is much easier, faster, and more convenient.

Third, which you probably waited for too long now to know, is the Heist mode. This is what Sol Republic named the mode where 5 devices can connect with the Deck at the same time. By the Heist mode, these 5 users can control and override the tracks played with the Sol Republic Deck. Each device is assigned with different LED light colors in order for you to know whether whose device is currently taking over the portable speaker.

Fourth is its speakerphone capability enabling the Sol Republic Deck to answer and receive phone calls. We tried this feature and we found the quality to be excellent. The sound we heard from it was very decent while on the other side of the line, our recipient claimed that our sound was clear and very audible.

Lastly is the Sol Republic Deck’s range which is an unbelievable 300 feet range! This range is 10 times the range of an ordinary portable Bluetooth speaker. So far, the Sol Republic Deck has the best range among its competitors.


Cool Design and Functions Bass Response
Sound Quality Pricey
Battery Life
Connectivity Features (NFC, Heist Mode, Speakerphone capability, and 300 feet range)
Sol Republic has undeniably stood out because of its feature-packed portable speaker, the Deck. If you are looking for a portable speaker filled with cool design and awesome features, the Sol Republic Deck is one we will absolutely recommend.