Here’s another wireless headphone offering to us – the Sony H.ear On Wireless NC headphone.

This headphone, also known as the MDR-1ABN, is a great companion throughout the day with it being so comfortable in use. It is lightweight at 290 grams so no problems on wearing it for a long duration.

The Sony H.ear On Wireless NC headphone is portable as well because it can be folded up into a carrying case which is included in the package. The caveat here is that this Sony wireless headphone does not fold flat so the carrying case seems to be a little bulky and if you’re one who is very observant about these kinds of features, then this may not be comfortable enough to be carried in the day for you.


We have different sense of styles for different things and surely we look for variety when we buy a bluetooth headphone. Good thing the H.ear On Wireless NC headphone comes in five (5) different colors, including the Cinnabar Red, Bordeaux Pink, Lime Yellow, Viridian Blue, and Charcoal Black. The finish looks elegant and modern with minimal design and matte feel.

For the control functions, the volume and track controls are located on the right earcup. You can also control the noise-cancelling feature of this Sony wireless headphone. Sony claims that its noise-cancelling technology, the Automatic AI Noise Cancelling function has the ability to analyze its environment components and select the most adaptive noise cancelling mode for it. This is a nice feature if you opt to listen to your tracks without being disturbed by the car horns, plane engines, people talking loudly near you, etc.

The Sony H.ear On Wireless NC headphone also features the ability to make, answer, or end phone calls. It is built with two (2) microphones that is located inside and outside these noise-cancelling headphones.

The battery performance of this Sony wireless headphone is impressive. It is rated at 20 hours when using it with a Bluetooth connection and the noise-cancelling feature.


Compared to other wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones available in the market today, the Sony H.ear On Wireless NC headphone sounds better with its quality to be well balanced. The sound produced from this wireless headphone is very clear and detailed, with some full bass that is not overwhelming. For a Bluetooth headphone, we were pretty impressed with how good its sound quality is being unique from its competitors.

Overall, the Sony H.ear On Wireless NC headphone is a unique Bluetooth headphone that has absolutely impressive features. From the comfort, design, noise-cancelling feature, battery performance, as well as, the sound quality, all of these are pretty much worth it for $349.99 price tag. Check out more Sony H.ear On Wireless NC info here.