Meet the new soundbar from Sony, the Sony HT-NT5.

If you are looking for an audio device for your TV or even your music player that has a load of great features, then this Sony soundbar is one to include in your list.

Available in $799, it may be a bit in a higher price range but this one surely delivers, making it worth keeping.

Design and Features

A soundbar is especially designed as an add-on device to your home theatre. It is an addition to your TV watching experience, emphasizing the sound quality that you want to achieve when watching your favorite TV series or a movie. The design of the Sony HT-NT5 is absolutely impressive. Sony managed to create a soundbar that meets the low height requirement, which means it can fit under any TV and not block parts of it, particularly the screen. It is a good thing that this soundbar’s drivers were angled backwards, enabling it to enclose a pair of two (2) three-eighths inch drivers and two (2) sets of silk dome tweeters. In addition to these drivers and tweeters is an integrated wireless subwoofer which includes a front ported design as well as a 6.5-inch driver.



Most soundbars are only designed to deliver excellent sound coming from a home theater. That is the standard for soundbars. However, getting to know the Sony HT-NT5 by testing the sound quality not only from a home theatre but also from soundtracks or music, we would say that this soundbar has got its game.


We played some tracks and streamed it to this Sony soundbar and observed an impressive sound quality. The HT-NT5 sounded really well, with a very natural and rich sound. It did not falter on its bass that even in a high volume level, no distortions were produced. Based on its performance, the Sony HT-NT5 is surely an excellent performer for music streaming.

Of course we did not forget to test this Sony playbar when it comes to its performance on home theatre. We watched the first “Transformer” where explosive scenes, car chases, and other sound effects are emphasized in the movie. While testing it, we witnessed how the dialog in the movie sounded to be natural and clear, the sound effects to sound very dynamic and powerful, and the whole production to be very deep and immersive. For such a slim soundbar, its drivers, tweeters, and subwoofer really worked well with the sound quality as very powerful.

We were really amazed with its performance.


The Sony HT-NT5 is a soundbar that really delivers. Its features, including the design, cool features, and performance, were undeniably impressive. With a price tag of $799, which belongs to the upper midrange price category, the Sony HT-NT5 is one of the best soundbars available in the market today.